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Last updated: June 14, 2013
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The latest flight schedule for under-rated Indonesian airline, (e)Xpress Air.

Indonesian regional airline, Express Air, is currently updating its image and logo.

Old Express Air logo New Express Air logo
Was Express Air, Now Xpress Air

It has also dropped the “E” from its name, and is now officially Xpress Air. This change may be to better differentiate it from e.g. courier/freight companies with a similar name.

The (e)Xpress Air website is also offline, possibly for a long overdue upgrade. This is unfortunate, because it is impossible to obtain accurate flight schedule information elsewhere.

So here is some Xpress information: a current route map and schedule for Xpress Air’s most popular and useful routes.

Express Air Route Map
Click on map for zoom

Jakarta and Sorong | Makassar and Sorong | Ambon and Ternate
Surabaya and Yogyakarta | Sorong and Jayapura

Please select your preferred route above, or just scroll down.

Express Air Jakarta and Sorong

Express Air offers the only non-stop flights between Jakarta and Sorong, launchpad for diving trips in Raja Ampat.

Route Departs Arrives
Jakarta to Sorong 01:10 07:20*
Sorong to Jakarta 10:30* 12:40

*Local time in Sorong is two hours ahead of Jakarta.

Would you like to fly this route? Please make an enquiry.

Express Air Makassar and Sorong

Express Air offers a rare daytime (not overnight) flight from Makassar to Sorong. For the return jourey to Makassar, it is the last flight; it allows enough time for the boat trip back from Raja Ampat, so you won’t need to stay one night at a Sorong hotel.

Route Departs Arrives
Makassar to Sorong 10:10 13:20*
Sorong to Makassar M, W, Th, Sa: 10:10*
Tu, F, Su: 11:10*
M, W, Th, Sa: 11:20
Tu, F, Su: 12:20

*Local time in Sorong is one hour ahead of Makassar.

Would you like to fly this route? Please make an enquiry.

Express Air Ambon and Ternate

Express Air currently offers the only direct flight on this route, a faster and more comfortable alternative to a 19-hour boat ride.

Route Departs Arrives
Ambon to Ternate 12:55 14:10
Ternate to Ambon 11:20 12:35

This flight operates Monday to Saturday.

Would you like to fly this route? Please make an enquiry.

Express Air Surabaya and Yogyakarta

Express Air offers one of the few flights on this route with a free 20kg baggage allowance.

Route Departs Arrives
Surabaya to Yogyakarta M, W, Th, Sa: 12:40*
Tu, F, Su: 16:10
M, W, Th, Sa: 13:30
Tu, F, Su: 17:00
Yogyakarta to Surabaya 06:00 06:50

Would you like to fly this route? Please make an enquiry.

Express Air Sorong and Jayapura

With double daily flights, Express Air offers the most frequent flights between West Papua’s two most populous cities.

Route Departs Arrives
Sorong to Jayapura 07:50
Jayapura to Sorong 07:00 09:40

Would you like to fly this route? Please make an enquiry.

27 Comments on “Xpress Information”

  1. achmad says:

    https://booking.xpressair.co.id . untuk mempermudah pemesanan tiket bisa di kunjungi di website ini

  2. Chris says:

    I checked out the above website; it still appears to be a work in progress, and I wouldn’t recommend booking flights directly through the website. However, it does give you a good idea of Xpress Air’s schedule.

  3. ihwan says:

    now you i can access xpressair.co.id its very nice website..now you can booking directly through the website chris..enjoy it.

  4. Chris says:

    Yes, it is no longer a work in progress. The Xpress Air website also now has a “Manage My Booking” section for reprinting e-tickets, etc.

    However, you still need an Indonesian credit card or ATM card (from Bank Mandiri) to be able to pay for tickets, which rules out our clients.

  5. MICHAEL says:

    Excellent airline.

    Just wish they had a route map on their website like one above.

    Also some links seem to be down.

    wish they flew to Denpasar from Jakarta !!!

    Lots of my Australian mates go to Bali 2 or 3 times a year for holidays.

  6. Lili says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks very much for your reply ! Apologies should have posted below on this thread instead.

    From the website the following are listed

    Keberangkatan – Makassar – SorongTanggal Hari Berangkat Tiba Promo Normal Flexi
    14/11/2013 Kam 10:10 13:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    15/11/2013 Jum 10:10 13:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    16/11/2013 Sab 10:10 13:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    17/11/2013 Min 10:10 13:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    18/11/2013 Sen 10:10 13:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000

    Kembali – Sorong – MakassarTanggal Hari Berangkat Tiba Promo Normal Flexi
    22/11/2013 Jum 10:10 11:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    23/11/2013 Sab 10:10 11:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    24/11/2013 Min 10:10 11:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    25/11/2013 Sen 10:10 11:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000
    26/11/2013 Sel 10:10 11:20 Penuh 900.000 1.430.000

    The only difference seems to be on the Sorong-Makassar flights as you mentioned the split for M,W,Th,Sa vs. Tu,F,Su whereas the xpressair site lists the same for all days.

    Would you be able to confirm if yours or the website’s more accurate?

    Also, would you recommend this airline over Sriwijaya for Sorong flights? I just have a nagging worry that when i call to inquire for Sorong flights / check via airport arrival statistics only Sriwijaya, Merpati and Lionair flights are mentioned and Xpressair, despite some good reviews on the internet, seems almost invisible.

    Thanks in advance again !

    cheers, Lili

  7. Chris says:

    Dear Lili,

    Currently (June 2013), Sorong to Makassar flights depart at different times. In November, it is the same time 7 days/week.

    On our website, we use the information that is correct presently or in the near future; using the schedule for November would be unhelpful.

    The Xpress Air website is the official website of the airline, and should have the latest information. Having said that, the post above was written when there was no website for about 6 months.

    Online flight sales/tickets websites like tiket.com or Skyscanner often do not mention smaller airlines because they either don’t want to sell their tickets or are not aware of their existence. Also, Xpress Air only recently introduced online booking (for Indonesian residents only).

    I checked our flight records. We have sold tickets on 11 Xpress Air flights. There have been no cancellations or reschedules.

    Our people choose to fly Xpress Air because they like the non-stop flight from Jakarta to Sorong. Sriwijaya Air is usually cheaper than Xpress Air, but on Sriwijaya Air you have to change planes in Makassar at 2:00-3:00 in the morning. For Lion Air, you have to change planes in Ambon; for Merpati, it is a daytime flight and it arrives too late (12:35) to get the 14:00 ferry to Wasai (Raja Ampat).

  8. Lili says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks very much – that was most helpful !

    cheers :)

  9. CharlieDelMonte says:

    Is there a contact email address I can use to contact the company directly?


  10. Chris says:

    There should be.

    But if you go to the Xpress Air website and click on “Contact Us”, it just goes back to the website main page. Simiarly, they don’t have a Twitter account.

  11. Idris says:

    Got 2 return tickets makassar-Sorong booked and confirmed via the official xpress air website. Paid thru my Malaysian VISA debit card. So far it went well though the website crashed a few times during the payment process.
    Wassalam. Idris

  12. Chris says:

    Dear Idris,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I recommend checking your card statement later, that Xpress Air didn’t charge your debit card multiple times (i.e. each time the website crashed).

  13. John S. says:

    What do you suggest is our best option for getting from Bali DPS to Jakarta early in the day so we can connect to Sorong via Xpressair?
    I’d to book DPS-Jakarta round trip so we can return to Bali when done in Raja Ampat.

  14. Chris says:

    Hi John,

    You don’t have to fly Bali -> Jakarta -> Sorong. There is a more direct way: Bali -> Makassar -> Sorong.

    AirAsia and Garuda have an early morning flight from Bali to Makassar. AirAsia is at 05:50, Garuda at 07:00; it is an 80 minute flight to Makassar.

    Makassar to Sorong on Xpress Air is at 10:10 – see the full timetable above. Xpress Air offers the only daytime flight; all others are red-eye specials from Jakarta, departing Makassar at 3 or 4am.

    There are more choices for daytime flights: Xpress Air, Sriwijaya Air, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air. Garuda Indonesia and Lion fly to both Sorong and Bali; for other airlines, you would need to “mix and match” flights, which can be a problem if e.g. one airline changes its schedule.

  15. John S. says:

    thanks for the quick reply!
    You have simplified our plans for this future trip.
    I will be back to you later in the year as I pull this trip together and will be happy to have you set up our domestic air schedule.

  16. Richard Gruenig says:

    Good day
    Please let me know what the Price is from Jakarta – Sorong on the 5th Oct. 14.

    Thanks and regards
    Richard Gruenig

  17. Chris says:

    Hi Richard,

    If you would like a quote, please fill in an enquiry here. It contains some small but important questions.

  18. diana says:

    Saya membeli tiket pd tgl 3juli 2014 melalui situs booking tiket terbesar di indonesia untuk penerbangan dari Yogyakarta ke Pontianak tgl 31 juli 2014 dg perincian 1 org dewasa dan 2 org anak
    Kemudian saya mendapatkan e-mail yg berisi e-tiket yg mencantumkan kode booking saya dan dibagian kolom ticket number kosong
    Bagaimana caranya saya bisa mendapatkan ticket number saya dan bagaimana status tiket saya tersebut.
    Terima kasih

    I bought a ticket on 3 July 2014 by the biggest ticket booking website in Indonesia from Yogyakarta to Pontianak 31st July 2014, with details of 1 adult and 2 children
    Then I get an e-mail containing an e-ticket which included my booking code and ticket number column blank section
    How can I get my ticket number and how the status of my ticket.
    thank you

  19. Chris says:

    Hi Diana,

    It is best you ring the airline and give them the passenger names.

    Xpress Air – Contact Us

  20. Laura says:

    Hi Chris, i’ve just bought a ticket for the fly Jakarta-Sorong scheduled on august 2nd at 1,10 am. I’ll arrive at jakarta airport from Doha (Qatar air) at 10,05 pm. Do you think i have time enougth ( about 3 hours) non to loss the fly???? Thanks for your answer.
    Best regards

  21. Chris says:

    Hi Laura,

    Our guide to transiting and changing terminals in Jakarta recommends a minimum of 3 hours between international arrival and domestic departure times. In other words, no problem.

    You will need to use the inter-terminal bus to change from Terminal 2 (Qatar Airways) to Terminal 1C (Xpress Air).

    By the way, our arrival guide has tips for getting through visa on arrival, immigration and customs as quickly as possible.

  22. ursula sitorus says:

    I’ve checked their website..

    whoaaa… they trying to change their image ya?

    I know this airline since I was in school era..
    I thought it just for Indonesia Timur (Ambon & Papua island) but now they have Bandung to some cities in Sumatra..
    Hope they also revitalize their engine / fleet…

    I want to try this airlines…

  23. Dean Levin says:

    I am looking to book 4 seats on Xpress Air in March 2015 CGK-Sorong-CGK. Xpress air online booking only allows bookings up to December 31, 2014. When do you think the March flights be open to book?

  24. Chris says:

    Hi Dean,

    I think tickets for 2015 Xpress Air flights will go on sale in November.

    We will discuss this soon in a post on our website about travel planning with flights that cannot be booked far in advance, called “Plan(e) Ahead”.

  25. Ricardo Bacas says:

    It is true, the most problems I had booking multiple flights in Indonesia in advance, is that airlines often change their departure time. Last May this was the case several times. On Garuda and Lion Air. Luckily I have overnight stays at the cities I visited…but if you want to connect between different airlines, it might become a problem. I flew from Balikpapan on Garuda to connect with Citylink in Surabaya. I had to change between terminals cruising at low speed within the village of sidoardjo. As always traffic Jam. I had 3 hours between flights…luckily!! but lost 90 minutes due to the traffic jams.
    Please, do note that Lionair is a very tourist unfriendly airline. They fuss about having more than 15 kg of luggage. WingsAir….even worse!! 10KG. I skipped flights on the route mentioned above by cancelling the flight on Lionair..connecting on Wings. And booked on Garuda/Citylink instead.

  26. Helena Cjong says:

    Bought 2tickets onlines for Kch. To Pnk earlier. Unfortunately i did not receive any confirmation number but my credit card has been charged. Please advise how to contact Xpress Air by phone o email

  27. Chris says:

    Hi Helena,

    Sorry, I don’t have a contact phone number for Xpress Air in Malaysia.

    There must be an Xpress Air office at Kuching Airport Try calling the airport and ask for Xpress Air. The Kuching Airport phone number is +60 82 454 242.

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