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Last updated: September 11, 2013
Airport Hotel Sign

Ibis opens the first hotel at Surabaya’s Juanda Airport.

Despite being the reigning winner of Best Indonesian Airport and double champion for Best Indonesian Airport Toilets, Surabaya’s Juanda Airport has lacked one important facility: a transit hotel.

But now, the upstairs viewing deck has been transformed into the Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel.

Entry to Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport HotelEntry to Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel,
between the domestic and international terminals

As the name suggests, Ibis Budget is a no-frills hotel with reasonable prices. Unlike many budget-oriented peers, facilities are plentiful; the room comes with LED TV and wi-fi, and the rate includes breakfast. For families, there are rooms for 3+ guests.

Like Jakarta Airport Hotel, transiting passengers can book a mini-stay, i.e. relax in a room for 6 hours during the day.

While Ibis’s website only has generic images, photos of Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport hotel are available elsewhere. Click to zoom:

Lobby at Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel ibis-budget-surabaya twin room Bunk Room at Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel
Lobby Standard Room,
for 2 people
Standard Bunk Room,
for 3 people

If you are interested in staying at Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel, please send an enquiry.

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