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1. What is Mau Ke Mana?

Mau Ke Mana is a boutique travel agency based in Surabaya, East Java, run by two expatriate Australians, Chris and David.

It was founded in 2010 to enable tourists from abroad to book seats on Indonesian flights with less difficulty, and since then we have sold tickets for over 2000 Indonesian domestic flights to visitors from 57 countries, along with booking many train tickets and hotel rooms.

We offer a personalised service, accept all credit cards (unlike Indonesian airline websites) and are professional; you can read a great many customer testimonials here.

The term “mau ke mana” literally means “where are you going?”, but can also have a more general meaning of “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”.

2. How do I contact you?

Send us a message below:

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1. When will I receive a reply to my enquiry?

We try to respond to all enquiries within two working days however this is not always possible. We give personalised service – not just a list of flights and fares – and this can take time.

2. I sent an enquiry. Why haven’t I heard from you?

There are four possibilities:

  1. Your ISP or email provider has blocked our reply, or forwarded it to your spam/folder.
    This is especially a problem for AOL email addresses; for these, we use a Gmail address. If this is the issue, you wouldn’t have received the automated response confirming your enquiry was received.
  2. You sent an enquiry for a flight or train that is too soon.
    The minimum advance booking period is 10 days for flights and 7 days for trains.
  3. You made a mistake when typing your email address in the form.
    If this is the issue, you wouldn’t have received the automated response confirming your enquiry was received.
  4. You sent a train enquiry and we are very busy.
    At times of high demand, we prioritise flight enquiries because flight tickets often sell out and fares vary, while train tickets rarely sell out and fares are fixed.

If a week has passed and you still haven’t received a reply, please send us a friendly reminder.


1. An airline website says I must present the credit card used to make the payment when checking in, but what if I pay with Paypal?

This requirement only applies for credit card sales made directly through the airline’s website, not via travel agents. For the record, we pay the airlines for the tickets by bank transfer, not by credit card.

2. How will I receive my ticket/s?

You will get your e-tickets by email once payment has been received, usually within 24 hours of payment. We will email the e-tickets as a pdf/Acrobat Reader file.

If you wish to later reconfirm your flight details or print a new e-ticket, you can do so by going to the airline’s webpage and clicking on the relevant link, e.g. “My Booking” or “Retrieve Ticket”. Please see here for a guide.

3. Can I change the date or cancel?

Most airlines in Indonesia offer cheap tickets, and so have rather strict conditions concerning date changes and cancellations. In general, it’s very difficult, so be careful. Having said that, we will do our best to help you in whatever circumstances.


1. Don’t Indonesian trains only have paper tickets? How does the train ticketing system work now?

Since August 2012, e-tickets are available for Indonesian trains.

Here is how it works:

  1. After receiving your payment, we will email your train e-tickets as a pdf/Acrobat Reader file.
  2. On the day of travel, (same like for a flight) you need to check-in at least 30 minutes before departure, at a customer service window at the train station. You show your e-tickets and passports; the staff will exchange the tickets for boarding passes.
  3. When you enter the station, show the boarding passes to the security guard. On the train, you also show the boarding passes and passports to the conductor.

2. Can I change the date or cancel?

Yes, but only in person at a train station; we can’t. There is a fee of 25% for cancellations and a smaller fee for date changes. Obviously, there must still be seats available on the new date/time.

3. Do overnight trains have sleepers/couchettes/beds?

No, Indonesian trains do not have them. In executive class, seats have reclining backrests, footrests and cushions.

4. What is the difference between business class and executive class?

Argo Parahyangan Executive Class seats
Executive (first) class has air-conditioning, more comfortable chairs and is quieter.
Argo Parahyangan business class seats
Business (second) class has fans, less comfortable chairs and is noisier (because windows can be opened).


1. What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal Secure Payments buttonPaypal, because it is the most well known, trusted, and easiest to use.

Paypal accepts payment in 19 currencies:

  • ฿: Thai Baht
  • $: U.S., Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, New Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore Dollars
  • €: Euro
  • fr: Swiss Francs
  • Ft: Hungarian Forint
  • Kč: Czech Koruna
  • kr: Danish, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona
  • Mex$: Mexican Peso
  • PhP: Phillipine Peso
  • £: British Pounds Sterling
  • ₪: Israeli New Shekel
  • zł: Polish Zloty

For one-time payments, you don’t need to pre-register; Paypal has a system called “guest account”. If you’d like to pre-register, opening a Paypal account is easy, and doesn’t require a credit card.

For larger payments (above € 800 / $US1000), it can be cheaper to pay by telegraphic/bank transfer. However, this is the slowest way to send payment; the processing time is usually around one week.

For Australian clients making a payment above $A500, we also accept payment by local bank transfer to an Australian bank account.

2. Why is your price different from the airline/train website’s price?

Please be aware that we are dealing with currency conversion and Paypal fees. Typically, Paypal offers a poor exchange rate, charges a 3.7% fee on payments that we receive, then another fee of up to $US5 to withdraw the funds. On top of these costs, we naturally levy a small booking fee.

3. Can I get a quote in Indonesian Rupiah?

No, because Paypal (our preferred payment method) does not offer it.

4. Why can’t I purchase tickets after I arrive in Indonesia?

Paypal usually blocks or reviews payment made from Indonesia with a non-Indonesian credit card, in an attempt to prevent credit card fraud.

If you absolutely cannot book your flight tickets before you arrive in Indonesia, the only solution is to do the following:

  1. Before you leave your home country, register an account with Paypal and link a credit or debit card. This step may take about 3 working days.
  2. Again before you leave your home country, transfer sufficient funds from your bank account or credit card to your Paypal account to make a later payment for the ticket. This step may take up to 5 working days.
  3. After you have arrived in Indonesia and selected your flights, you can login and pay for your tickets in Indonesia with the Paypal balance (i.e. using the funds previously uploaded); you do not need to use your credit card. Payment this way is still instant, like other Paypal payments.

Please note that the 10-day minimum advance booking period for flight tickets still applies in this situation, and 7-day period for train tickets.

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