On-Time Performance – Latest Statistics

Airport Rain DelaysSince the first post about Indonesian airline punctuality and on-time performance was published in August 2011, many people still ask whether a certain flight will be on time.

It is hoped that this page meets this popular demand for the newest/most up-to-date statistics.

On-Time Performance

On-time performance is what percentage of flights leave within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. It is measured by when the plane leaves the departure gate.

The airlines are placed in alphabetical order (not by rank) so readers can find the rating of the airline they want more quickly.

The background shade is according to the airline’s current grade:

  • 90-100% = white (excellent)
  • 80-90% = green (good)
  • 70-80% = yellow (ok)
  • < 70% = red (unsatisfactory, needs improvement)

Airlines who consistently score below 70% face administrative sanctions from Indonesia’s Department of Civil Aviation. For example, they will not be permitted to increase flights or open new routes until their on-time performance has improved.

Airline On-Time Score (%) Change
Year on
74.8 71.6 72.8 Down 2.0
83.4 88.6
77.9 80.3 82.1 Up 4.2
Garuda Indonesia Logo 85.0 87.4 84.1 88.0 Up 0.6
Lion Air logo 74.0 75.8 74.6 73.7 Down 2.1
Sriwijaya Air logo 79.8 80.3 80.9 82.5 Up 2.2
Wings Air logo 80.8 79.4 71.6 70.7 Down 8.7

Sources: Surabaya Post, Bisnis Indonesia, Liputan 6, Indo Aviation, Tempo, Merdeka

What About Other Airlines?

The following airlines did not receive scores because their market share is below 3%:

Express AirTrigana Air

Sky Aviation IndonesiaKal-StarTransNusa

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