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Last updated: March 17, 2013

Enjoy an all-inclusive guided tour of Tanjung Puting National Park (near Pangkalan Bun) to see the orangutans, with Borneo Tour, one of the few tour operators in the area to clearly specify its tour’s costs and inclusions.

You will:

  • receive free airport transfers both ways
  • get help with registration with the police and park ranger
  • receive all meals and drinks, prepared by the on-board chef
  • choose either open-air (with mosquito net) or below deck sleeping
  • enjoy the insightful commentary provided by the experienced English speaking guide
  • be able to relax, enjoy nature and see many wild animals
  • not have any unexpected extra fees; everything is included
  • help protect orangutans from deforestation, poaching and illegal mining, by providing alternative sustainable employment to local people.

Fast Facts

Tour: Orangutan Tour
Operator: Borneo Tour

Length: Your choice*
Group Size: 2-6 (private tour)
Cost: From $US65 per person per day

Provinces: Central Kalimantan
Cities: Pangkalan Bun, Kumai
Major Sights: Tanjung Puting National Park: includes Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Tanjung Harapan feeding center, native animals, forest

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Accommodation: Provided on the boat
Transport: Airport transfers, boat, short walks
Meals: All meals and non-alcoholic drinks* included

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Example of Klotok
See photos of the
Borneo Tour klotok here
Day 1: Pangkalan Bun to Tanjung Puting
Your guide will collect you at the airport and drive you to the harbour, via the compulsory stops at the Pangkalan Bun police station and the park ranger’s office in Kumai (see map above). Then you will begin your tour on your private boat, known locally as a klotok.
Camp Leakey sign Days 2-?: Tanjung Puting National Park
You will visit the Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation Center run by Canadian Birute Mary Galdikas, an orangutan feeding session and the many other places of interest in the national park. However, your highlight might be seeing the animals that congregate near the rivers as you travel along.
Trigana Air plane Last Day: Tanjung Puting to Pangkalan Bun Airport
You will return to the harbour at Kumai where a waiting car will bring you to Pangkalan Bun Airport to catch your flight.

Are you planning a trip to Pangkalan Bun? Here are three steps to assist:

  1. Check the average weather for Pangkalan Bun
  2. June to October are the drier months normally, while January to March is the time to see the many native orchids. (The link above also has the current conditions and a 3-day weather forecast.) However tours operate all year and there are no requirements for physical fitness, etc; it is family friendly.

  3. Send an enquiry to Borneo Tour
  4. Book flights to/from Pangkalan Bun
  5. There are direct daily flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Pontianak and Banjarmasin; check the schedule. On Sundays and Wednesdays, there are also direct flights from Solo (near Yogyakarta). You can connect to these flights from other cities, including Bali (Denpasar), Balikpapan, Lombok, Makassar, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, often on the same day.

13 Comments on “Borneo Orangutan Tour”

  1. Azam Taiyeb says:


    My girlfriend and I would like to fly from Jakarta to Pangkalan Ban on the morning of 25th May and return on either the evening of 27 May or morning of 28th May. I think my girlfriend has already emailed you regarding the following flights:

    9:10am Jakarta arriving at 10:20am in Pangkalan Ban (25 May)
    7:25am Pangkalan Ban arriving at 8:25am Jakarta (28 May)
    Both flights are with Trigana Air

    Could you let us know if you could book us onto the flights and if there are other flights on those days (or return flights on Tuesday 27 May from PKN to Jakarta). If so, please let us know the costs.

    We would like to fly to PKN so that we can do an orangutan tour. We saw your three day two night orangutan tour (25, 26, 27 May) and were wondering whether our proposed flight times worked with the tour? How much is the tour per person? Please could you let me know the price for a boat just for the two of us and also for a boat with a larger group of people.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Chris says:

    Dear Azam,

    Please send a flight enquiry. There are some small but important questions in the form we need to know when sending a quote.

  3. Nienke Viljoen says:

    Hi, I am planning a trip to Indonesia for October this year, and I am very interested in the 3days 2nights tour in Tanjung National Park. Firslty is it possible in the month of October and also what is the cost per day or per tour?

    Thanx in advance

  4. Chris says:

    Dear Nienke,

    The tour in Tanjung Puting National Park is possible all year round.

    You can see the costs here. Please note that we don’t run the tour ourselves; it is operated by Borneo Tour.

    We can assist with flight bookings to/from Pangkalan Bun.

  5. Alston Dutton says:

    Chris: I like what I am reading for the most part, but have one question about the narration. Does the person narrating information as the boat cruises do so constantly, or minimally, only when there is something particular to comment on? Seems a constant narration, especially if magnified, would distract the animals and the passengers from tranquility and quiet reflection, which is important for me.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Alston,

    One principle behind the klotok (boat) being slow and small is not to frighten off wildlife from the riverside with noise.

    I am sure that guides similarly keep the audible distractions to a minimum – in both content and volume – for the same reason. There won’t be microphones, big lights, etc.

  7. Hannah says:

    I am looking at booking a tour for beginning of October for three days. I was wanting to know about availability and prices, please. Can we arrange the flights in from Jakarta and out to Sulawesi? If we arrange then ourselves what time roughly so we need fly in/out.

    Many thanks,

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Please contact Borneo Tour about tour availability and prices.

    The schedule for flights to/from Pangkalan Bun is here.

    You will note that there are no direct flights from PB to Sulawesi. The cheapest way will be via Jakarta or Surabaya.

    We sell many flight tickets to/from PB because the two airlines that fly the route only accept Indonesian credit cards, not international ones. No, I don’t know why. If you would like a quote, please fill in an enquiry.

  9. Florin says:


    I would like to take a tour from 14 to 18 august to Tanjung. We are two people. Can you email me the price with all the taxes and what it includes. Thank you!

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Florin,

    Please check the tour operator’s website for this information.

  11. Myriam says:

    Hello Chris!

    I have a question : when i visite website, the price is not the same as i read here (65$ per person here, versus 95$ per person on

    We are 2 peoples and we would like visit Tanjung Puting near 22th July for 3 days.

    So could you give some informations about the price please? Which one is the right price?

    Thanks a lot.

  12. Chris says:

    Hi Myriam,

    I wrote this post in 2013. Prices have increased since then and now start at $US75 per person per day for a 4 person tour, the price is higher if only 2 people.

  13. Amy says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking at booking a tour in early March this year, but i notice this is during the wet season. Is there a lot of rain in March and if so would the tour be cancelled?

    Thank you

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