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Last updated: August 19, 2013
FIrst class seat

How to get the best seat in the train.

KAI Seat Selection Banner

When booking Indonesian train tickets online, passengers can now select seats.

Previously, there was a flat rate per ticket for each train. But now, there are multiple fare levels within business and executive classes, similar to flight tickets.

For example, in the executive class train Argo Wilis with 240 seats, there are 4 fare levels: the most expensive A class (100 seats), H class (39 seats), I class (51 seats), the cheapest J class (50 seats). The most expensive seats are in the middle of each carriage; the cheapest seats are near the doors, at the front/rear of each carriage.

Seat Selection Example #1
Seat selection for a J class seat in carriage 4 on Argo Wilis
Grey = vacant, Blue = your selection, Red = not available

In the image above, the passenger is selecting J class seats; the red seats are for the more expensive A, H and I classes.

Just to make it more confusing, the train operator’s website lists all the different fares simultaneously, not just the cheapest one:

Fare list for Lodaya Pagi
Price list for Lodaya Pagi, a business/executive class train

For trains with both executive and business class carriages, this is too much information, especially when the differences in fare for each ticket class are small, usually Rp15 000 (€1,20) to Rp25 000 (€ 2,00).

Based on previous experience and client feedback, Mau Ke Mana has created a seat selection policy for all future train ticket bookings:

  • – Unless otherwise instructed by the passenger, select the cheapest class of ticket available.
  • For day trains: where possible, select window seats on the side of the train with the best scenery, in a carriage near the middle of the train. (This is to reduce distance needed to walk and carry luggage at the station).
  • For night trains: where possible, select seats as close to the front/back of the train as possible. (This is to minimise noise and disruption.)
  • – Where a male and a female passenger are travelling together, the aisle seat is given to the male and the window seat to the female. (This is to minimise the chance of any unwanted disturbances.)

1. If there are only a few seats left in that class, maybe passengers can’t select seats together. If there are less than 10 seats available, it may be better to buy tickets at a more expensive class. Alternately, passengers can try to arrange a swap with someone on the train later.

2. For groups, it can be difficult to get enough cheap seats together. If this is not possible, groups can either aim for getting all the passengers in the same carriage or buy a few seats in a more expensive class.

Argo Dwipangga front back seats

3. In executive class, seats on some trains can be turned to face front or back. The only downside of having seats face the back is that passengers cannot use the adjacent seat’s footrest, which swings up from under the next seat’s backrest.

There are many pictures of different Indonesian trains’ interiors and seats here.

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4 Comments on “Holy Seat”

  1. goh tuan leong says:

    May I know the fees of the train from jakarta to bandung?

  2. Chris says:

    Hi goh tuan leong,

    The fare varies by date, 1st or 2nd class, etc.

    If you would like a quote, please send an enquiry. You can also check the timetable.

  3. Carlo says:

    Dear friends,
    we like to travel in March with Argo Dwinpangga from Gambir to Yogyakarta in Excecutive
    Class A.
    Which carriage would you recommend if I like to take some pictures while journey, and which seat rows would be the best ones? Is the best landscape scenary on the right or left side? We do have 2 bags 90 x 50 x 30 centimeters each, would it be a problem to store them in the carriage? Thanks a lot for getting back to me, kind greetings from Germany!

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Carlo,

    The best scenery is on the left side of the train, especially for the second half of the journey when the train heads south from Cirebon. We can select seats when booking tickets, so if possible we always select seats on the left side of the train.

    You can store your luggage in the overhead baggage racks.

    If you would like a quote, please send an enquiry.

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