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Last updated: July 14, 2014
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Indonesia’s new regional airline, not Vietnam’s.

Following the lead of Lion Air (Wings Air) and Garuda Indonesia (Garuda Explore), Sriwijaya Air recently began its own feeder/regional airline, called Nam Air.

Unfortunately, Nam Air’s website only forwards to Sriwijaya Air, so there is little current information about Nam Air’s service and routes, especially in English.

This is a pity, because Nam Air holds several advantages compared to its peers.

Nam Air Boeing 737-500

Nam Air uses larger Boeing 737 planes with jet engines, unlike its competitors which use turboprop/propellor planes. This means:

1. Nam Air flights have shorter travel times, i.e. they reach the destination more quickly.

2. Nam Air has a larger checked baggage allowance of 20kg. By contrast, Wings Air is now only 10kg.

3. Surfers can bring their boards without concern. This is better than Garuda Explore, where the maximum permitted surfboard length is 1.6 metres rules out 99% of surfboards.

Nam Air Route Map
Nam Air Route Map

4. Nam Air offers the only flights with a 20kg checked baggage allowance to Sumba and Flores islands, serving the cities of Waingapu and Maumere.

5. Personal experience is that Nam Air’s flights to these destinations are often cheaper than Garuda Explore and Wings Air.

In addition, Nam Air’s flights between Surabaya and Denpasar are also timed to connect with parent Sriwijaya Air’s flights between Denpasar (Bali) and Dili (East Timor).

If you are interested in flying Nam Air, please fill in an enquiry.

2 Comments on “Nam Air”

  1. Steve Boyd says:

    Hi, I am in Australia and looking to book an Indonesian domestic flight from Maumere and Denpasar. Are you able to book this flight for me, the date will be the 2nd October, 2016. There will be seven people who require tickets altogether. I see that Nam Air have 20kg of checked in luggage so we would prefer to fly with Nam Air. Actually we will all have around 30kg of checked in luggage can you tell me if Nam Air will accept the additional 10kg each and the price per kg. Thank you.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Nam,

    Normally, we can help. Unfortunately for you, we closed permanently last week, on 30 September 2015 and we aren’t accepting any new enquiries.

    Please note: Nam Air flies from Maumere to Denpasar 3-4 days per week, not every day. You won’t know the schedule for October 2016 until next year. Wings Air flies daily, but it uses smaller planes and has a 10kg baggage allowance.

    Excess baggage is usually $1-2 per kg, but the exact amount varies with the price of fuel, the local exchange rate, etc.

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