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Last updated: October 15, 2014
Ijen Plateau

Travelling the express way to Ijen Plateau.

Ijen Plateau is one of Indonesia’s most scenic and amazing volcanoes.

Ijen Plateau

With a one hour walk up a well-maintained trail, visitors are transported from a forest to a desolate moonscape. There is also an optional walk down the edge to the crater lake, although the stench from nearby sulphur flows can make this a less pleasant experience.

Ijen Plateau's Blue Flame

Or for a unique experience, the adventurous can go at night-time and see spectacular electric blue flames of burning sulphur.

In the past, Ijen’s difficult access and remote location (in East Java) have kept visitor numbers below neighbouring volcanoes, e.g. Mt Bromo. But with new air travel options, travelling to Ijen Plateau is faster and easier.

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There are now daily flights to Jember (left) and Banyuwangi (right), so visitors no longer need to take a day to travel to Ijen. Indeed, it could be done as a 24-hour trip, from Bali or Surabaya. Or it could be combined with a tour of East Java’s civet coffee plantations, made famous by the TV show “Don’t Tell My Mother”


Airline From Departs
To Arrives
Days Of
Garuda Indonesia logo Denpasar
07:15 Banyuwangi 07:00* Daily
Garuda Indonesia logo Surabaya 08:55 Jember 09:50 Daily
Garuda Indonesia logo Surabaya 11:40 Banyuwangi 12:40 Daily
Wings Air logo Surabaya 12:00 Banyuwangi 12:50 Daily

*Local time in Banyuwangi is one hour behind Bali.


Airline From Departs
To Arrives
Days Of
Garuda Indonesia logo Bwanyuwangi 07:30 Surabaya 08:25 Daily
Garuda Indonesia logo Jember 10:20 Surabaya 11:10 Daily
Garuda Indonesia logo Banyuwangi 13:10 Denpasar
14:50* Daily
Wings Air logo Banyuwangi 13:15 Surabaya 14:05 Daily

*Local time in Denpasar is one hour ahead of Bali.
Ijen last erupted in 1936; you can check the current activity level here. At the time of writing, it was Level 1 of 4: normal.

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