Arief Yahya, Indonesian Tourism Minister

Arief Yahya, Indonesian Tourism Minister

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  1. Lars Linden says:

    Dear Mr Minister,

    Me and my wife are right now visiting Bali, Keraton Jimbaran. This is a very nice place, and the hotel is excellent. BUT! Today, and many of the days we have stayed here, the beach is full of trash. And I mean full! The beach is covered of plastic trash and other things. The staff from the hotel is working all the time to get rid of the trash, but it is coming back with the next wave. The guests here can not swim because the litter covers their bodies when they want to refresh in the sea. I am sorry to say, but how many guests will visit this place if you do nothing to this problem? They will talk on social media: ’’Bali shores a garbage dump!’’ Have you been here to see what it´s like?

    There must be a way to stop this littering. You lose visitors and money to your lovely country. There must be people who just drop their litter in the sea, and it is landing on the beaches where the tourists want to swim. I understand that this is a delicate problem; tourists who want to swim, and the logistics how to get people not to drop their litter in the sea. But we won´t come back (which we do) if the litter on the beach is still there.

    Best regards
    Lars Linden from Sweden

  2. Sharon Marchman says:

    Dear Mr. Arief Yahya,
    PLEASE SHUT DOWN THE BANDANG ZOO! It’s a disgrace and inhumane and cruel to the poor animals there! Release them to sanctuaries. Your country appears to be beautiful, so why do you need shackled elephants and starving Sun bears in cages? The public is outraged about this, and the information is going world wide and as for myself and everyone I know, we are boycotting Indonesia and fighting this until you do the right thing! Become a country who appreciates the beauty of the land and animals in your country and make laws against such cruel things as your horrible zoo!

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