Citilink Indonesia Airbus A320 Planes

Last updated: August 15, 2011

Garuda Indonesia goes shopping in France for dozens of new aircraft for its Citilink operation.

PT Garuda Indonesia has signed an agreement with French aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industrie to purchase 25 new Airbus planes, they being

  • fifteen A320
  • ten A320 Neo

For a total bill of $2.18 billion. The A320 Neo model is a more fuel efficient version of its big brother, the A320.

A320 Neo

The planes will begin arriving in Indonesia in 2014, with five units expected to arrive each year thereafter, and are intended to be used by Garuda’s daughter airline Citilink.

President director of Garuda Indonesia Emirsyah Satar, said that the purchase of the new planes for Citilink was part of an overall plan to greatly boost the role of Citilink in Garuda’s operations and revenue stream. He said currently Citilink’s contribution to Garuda’s bottom line was in the single figures, but has hopes to increase this to 30% in the coming years, by quadrupling the number of passengers that use the low cost carrier. Currently about two million people fly Citilink each year.

Citilink Air Hostesses
Smiling faces of Citilink air hostesses

In the contract signed with Airbus Industrie Garuda also has the option to purchase a further 25 units of the A320 model, at the same price.

One Comment on “Citilink Indonesia Airbus A320 Planes”

  1. Chris says:

    Garuda’s daughter airline Citilink

    I like to call Citilink “Garuda’s budget wing” (no pun intended).

    Garuda and Citilink could be like e.g. Qantas and Jetstar, where one does the full-service and the other a more budget-oriented service.

    However, it is difficult to know whether Citilink will become totally a low-cost carrier or not. For example, the free snack and drink have disappeared. But back in 2009, Citilink used to charge for checked baggage, but now it has a free 20kg baggage allowance.

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