Merpati Flights: Yogyakarta to Makassar

Last updated: November 25, 2010

Merpati cancels Yogyakarta-Makassar flights throughout November 2010 due to eruption of Mount Merapi.

Sukandi, the Vice President of Public Relation at PT Merpati Indonesian Archipelago Airlines, said the suspension of the Yogyakarta-Makassar round trip service, which normally runs twice a day on Boeing 737-300 with seating capacity of 135, was done to ensure the safety of passengers.

This policy, he said, was put into effect due to the still large amount of volcanic dust at Mt Merapi that currently covers Yogyakarta airspace, as far as Solo (Surakarta).

In accordance with our safety standards the hazard of flying into Yogyakarta is too high.

Sukandi added that if air conditions in the Yogyakarta area improved before November 30th, his company would consider re-opening the route earlier, especially considering that the route was a solid performer for the company, with average 80% capacity filled on the flights.

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