Jakarta Airport Traffic Disruption

Last updated: February 5, 2012
Jakarta Traffic Jam

Trade unions to block the Jakarta Airport toll road on Thursday 9 February 2012.

Traffic on the toll road linking Jakarta to its airport is often impeded or blocked entirely by traffic or flooding.

Airport Buses Travelling to Jakarta through Floods Welcome to Jakarta: Toll Road Traffic
Welcome to Jakarta

However, this Thursday 9 February 2012 there will be another serious issue:

Jakarta Street Demonstration
A protest march

Indonesian trade unions say their members will blockade the Jakarta Airport toll road, plus the toll road to the Merak ferry terminal. It is part of a broader campaign to increase employees’ salaries at the many factories in the outskirts of the city.

While police are talking tough and threatening to arrest demonstrators who “disrupt the public interest”, they were unable to prevent similar action last week on toll roads in East Jakarta and neighbouring West Java – see picture above.

Anyone who plans to fly from Jakarta on Thursday 9 February 2012 is advised to leave early, seek alternative routes such as Jl Daan Mogot, and contact their airline about possible flight disruptions. (Past experience is that domestic flights with no passengers often get delayed or cancelled, while international flights tend to leave as scheduled.)

Even better, you could avoid the problem all together by either staying in a hotel at/near Jakarta Airport the night before, or taking the train instead.

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