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Last updated: May 24, 2012
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Garuda Indonesia’s website is crap – it’s official!

For most of this week, yours truly has been unable to make bookings for clients on Garuda Indonesia, while it struggles to successfully implement a system upgrade.

Garuda’s Booking Engine
Garuda Offline Garuda Still Offline
29 February: offline (left), 2 March: still offline (right)

This is the latest in a series of problems that Garuda’s booking engine and website has given travel agents, and the general public. Some of the past lowlights:

Garuda Apology #1

– A public apology after a flurry of complaints about the unstable and unreliable booking system. It was published on the opening screen of Garuda’s website.

Garuda's Problems in Canada

– Complaints on online travel forums like FlyerTalk:
(i) Credit cards still being charged when Garuda’s website said the transaction had failed.
(ii) Canadians unable to book Garuda flights with Canadian credit cards, despite Garuda’s website saying they could (see above).

Garuda Skyteam Airport Queue
– The same day that Garuda signed on to join the Skyteam Airline Alliance (left), an IT system failure created flight chaos for days afterwards (right).

Your patience and understanding is appreciated while we wait for Garuda to work it out.

Having said that, Garuda Indonesia doesn’t seem to worry as much as its competitors about public perceptions of care and good service. As an example, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year, a Japanese client cancelled her return flight to Indonesia (on another airline, without penalty) and wanted to cancel her connecting domestic flight on Garuda from Denpasar to Yogyakarta. However, Garuda repeatedly refused to give a refund and said the ticket could not be cancelled; while the ticket did have a no-refund clause, it was surprising that Garuda that would not make an exception for even these unusual/special circumstances.

Still, considering Garuda’s international ticket sales increased sharply upon the introduction of online sales in May 2011, you would think solving these problems would be a high priority.

34 Comments on “Garuda Website Woes”

  1. avatar Shandy says:

    Hi, I got this same problem as May just now… i tried booking online, and when it gets to the verification by VISA site, the website just gave me “Sorry, The page you are trying to access is not available with us.”

    I checked my email and nothing from Garuda… But my credit card has been charged!!

    I’ve tweeted to them… can anyone help me on what to do?


  2. avatar Chris says:

    Hi Shandy,

    If you are in a city with a Garuda office (you can search for your city at the bottom of this page), I would print and bring a copy of your credit card statement (even an online one) and complain there.

  3. avatar Karri says:

    I made booking via Garuda website for flights from DPS- MEL on the 8th Oct.
    I have been charged twice for the same flight and sent messages to Reservations at Jakarta office and Sydney office.

    I hope the duplicate charge can be returned immediately. It is very frustrating and stressful to deal with something like this. Hope they are able to fix the problem as it seems to be very common from the complaints above.

  4. avatar Angela robertson says:

    Seems Garuda has still. It fixed. Their website.. I tried to book for a family of. 5 for a flight next April. Came up with error .. Received no. Confirmations emails or any thing.. So I booked elsewhere.. Seems Garuda gas taken my money as well.. Now I have 2 lots of bookings Makes me shake my head, that such a big company cam operate. Like this.. Now I have to try and get a over $3000 refund from them

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