Which way to the airport?

Last updated: May 24, 2012

Many still cannot find Lombok’s new international airport.

Lombok International Airport (LOP, a.k.a. BIL or Bandara Internasional Lombok) commenced operations on 1 October 2011. It replaces Selaparang Airport (AMI, a.k.a. Mataram Airport, Ampenan Airport), which is now closed.

Unfortunately for tourists and other first-time visitors, the new airport is still difficult to find. Unlike some Indonesian airports, it does not have its own website. Until recently, the Google Maps flag for Lombok Airport was in the wrong place, about 70km away. It also doesn’t help that the airport is quite far from Mataram, and (relatively speaking) in the middle of nowhere.

Below is a map intended to end the confusion once and for all.

The flags are colour-coded: airport flags are yellow, the ferry terminals are blue, Mataram is purple and other places of interest are red. Please click on the flag for more information

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The new Lombok International Airport is 40km south-east of Mataram (and 20km north of Kuta Lombok) in Central Lombok. It replaced Selaparang Airport in Ampenan, 5km north of Mataram and 10km south of Senggigi. The Google Maps flag for Lombok Airport is north-east of Senggigi, in a mountain range.

Still confused? Please click on each flag for more information, or ask a question below.

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