Jakarta to Sydney Flights on Garuda Daily

Last updated: December 14, 2010

Garuda increases the frequency of its flights between Jakarta and Sydney.

Earlier this year, Garuda Indonesia commenced direct flights between Jakarta and Sydney 3 days per week, a route previously only serviced by Qantas.

Garuda has now announced it will commence daily flights, effective 20 December 2010. (By contrast, Qantas currently operates 3-4 days per week.)

Garuda’s flight schedule is as follows:

Flight Number Route Departs Arrives
GA712 Jakarta to Sydney 21:50 08:30*
GA713 Sydney to Jakarta 11:15* 14:35

*Local time in Sydney is currently four hours ahead of Jakarta. From March to September, the time difference becomes three hours.

While the schedule of GA712 is little different to Qantas’s QF42, GA713 arrives in Jakarta four hours earlier than QF41. This makes flying Garuda more suitable if you are transiting Jakarta and connecting to an Indonesian domestic flight to e.g. Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Balikpapan. Garuda domestic flights also depart from the international Terminal 2, which means you don’t have to change terminals.

2 Comments on “Jakarta to Sydney Flights on Garuda Daily”

  1. herlin says:

    Please,let me know all special ticket for december 2011 and january 2012. thank

  2. Chris says:

    Qantas is advertising a special deal of $490 + taxes for return flights between Jakarta and Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/Brisbane, valid until 15 February for departures between 1 February and 10 August 2012

    Nothing so interesting there, but I couldn’t help but notice this:

    Benefits of flying with Qantas…

    – Award winning cabin designs
    – Warm and friendly Australian service
    Healthy meals
    – Frequent Flyer points

    My first thought was, “Well, they must be scraping the barrel if those are the unique benefits of flying Qantas”.

    My second – more disturbing – thought: Is Qantas suggesting other airlines are poisoning their customers?

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