Planes, Trains and Floods

Last updated: January 18, 2013
Piggy back Jakarta Floods 2013

Flights and inter-city trains are still operating, despite floods in Jakarta.

Once again, Jakarta is seriously flooded.

Flooded Presidential Palace, Jakarta
Indonesia’s Foreign Minister and President inspect the Presidential Palace, Jakarta

This time, even the Presidential Palace didn’t escape; a meeting between the Indonesian and Argentinian Presidents was postponed.

Foreign embassies’ travel advisories are now recommending the postponement of non-essential travel to Jakarta.

However, flights and inter-city trains are still operating as scheduled.

Train tracks in Central Jakarta are elevated (i.e. on high bridges), so there is no problem there. The train operator’s Twitter feed is reporting that inter-city trains are operating as per normal. Passengers who cannot get to Gambir Station are recommended to travel to Jatinegara Station in East Jakarta instead, where all inter-city trains also stop.

Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport is also 35km out of town, and for now services are uninterrupted. You can check the status of flights to/from Jakarta here, but please note that some domestic airlines do not regularly update their flights’ information.

If you are already in Jakarta and must catch a flight or train out, we recommend the DAMRI Airport Bus:

Being tall, DAMRI Buses can still operate on roads where other vehicles cannot. If you must get from the airport to Gambir train station (or vice versa), DAMRI is the best/most reliable option.

If you need to travel to Jakarta from another city, a flight would be a safer option than a train. For last-minute purchases go direct to the airline’s ticket office at the airport, and bring sufficient Rupiah cash. Most domestic flights operate from Terminal 1, except Garuda Indonesia (Terminal 2) and AirAsia (Terminal 3). More information here.

If you are stranded at Jakarta Airport, you can stay at a nearby hotel or in the airport.

Updates will be posted below, as they come to hand.

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  1. Chris says:

    Here is a report that the situation will worsen on Saturday and Sunday, when heavy rain is forecast:

    Jakarta Weather Forecast, automatically updated

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