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Mau Ke Mana is the most trusted and reliable travel agency in Indonesia, read Page Two (see Page One) of our over 250 testimonials and reviews from customers in more than 40 countries.

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Expert Recommendations

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Latvia / Latvija

“Mau ke mana” has been super helpful and quick in replying to my emails and booking domestic Indonesian flights for us. This has been such a relief after discover that on cannot buy those with a credit card from abroad. I would most definitely suggest Chris and his team to all and any friends and acquaintances finding themselves in the same straights as us. Good luck!

Dace, Riga, Latvia

Lithuania / Lietuva

Mau Ke Mana was really helpful in finding the tickets and connecting flights in a stressful situation. I really appreciate Chris’s help and his time :) I would recommend the team as they are trustworthy and reliable people. Now that they also can help with train tickets, it’s even more convenient to book with them!

Julija Vasilenko, Kaunas, Lithuania


Definitely the best way to secure flights within Indonesia is via MKM. Even when the problem turned out to be glitches with Moneybooker, Paypal and credit cards, Chris still came to the rescue with solutions at short notice.

John Payne, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Cheap, fast & reliable. Don’t worry Chris, I alreay bookmarked this page for future references. Would be easier if you have Facebook though so I can Like. Once again, thanks. My trip would be impossible without your service.

Timothy, Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia


I got a quote for my flight within 15 minutes of submitting the form, even though it was evening time in Indonesia. Similarly quick when I was ready to purchase too, and the Paypal link worked easily. Merpati’s computer system had a glitch – it accepted the booking, but it couldn’t issue the ticket for a couple of days. During this time Chris kept me transparently informed twice per day, and also assured me that my money was still in their Paypal account and would be promptly refunded if worse came to worst. Happily the system came back up in time and I got my etkt.

Chris had to put in a lot of work on my behalf, hassling with Merpati, and I was very impressed with the service. Will certainly use MKM again with confidence and suggest you do so too!

Tim, Xewkija, Malta

Netherlands / Nederland

During my stay in Indonesia Chris helped me several times booking flights and train tickets. He is a great help and information source! Very detailed and helpful information.
I recommend his site to all travellers. Chris is trustworthy and always willing to help.
Terima Kasih!

Esther, Leiden, Netherlands

MKM (Chris) was very helpful in arranging a domestic flight to Flores for us. He will find you the lowest fare and/or other possibilities if you want something different. Gives you lots of information and advice on things to think about when flying.
The price you get is the price you pay, no hidden fees or charges. Payment with PayPal makes it all very easy and safe to pay!

Peter Zaal, Mijdrecht, Netherlands

Ik ben onder de indruk van de uitstekende kwalitateit van de ondersteuning die Mau ke Mana biedt regen eedelijke prijzen. We kwamen met hen in contact omdat we geen Nederlandse creditcard betaling konden doen voor vliegtickets binnen Indonesie, via Mau ke Mana lukte dat wel omdat zij weren met Paypall. Ze nemen veel werk uit handen en zelfs tijdens onze vakantie vonden zij passende oplossingen voor onze aanvullende reisbehoefte.

High quality support, fast responses, resonable prices and a lot of additional information added to products provided.

Dirk van Duijn, Katwijk, Netherlands

foto-basThe way Mau Ke Mana / Chris(topher) Reid settled timely the tickets for trains and all other information was great. All very accurate and open and also with nasty questions (always test from me) he clarified open. So in total a excellent service. And I will test the coming day’s en weeks there I need to leave for my flight with my wife now. Ia’m working for the most critical company in the world 30 years now founded and …> and due to this company Samsung, Intel and TSMC – Apel and China and USSR can realize the things we need. look and wonder you Chips are any where > is all needed to settle the community as it is now > but make peace and happiness membuat kedamaian dan kebahagiaan !!

Bas van den Berg, Veldhoven, Netherlands

I planned our Holiday to Indonesia (Bali and Java). We needed to fly from Bali to Java but also in between the main cities on Java. First I tried to book flight and train tickets by myself through the Internet as I was used to but without success. Fortunately I came across Chris’s organization and he helped me out. Thanks to him every part of our holiday went very smoothly and no stress whatsoever.

Thanks Chris, I certainly will contact you again the next time I’m around.

Frank Huussen, Bilthoven, Netherlands

We are satisfied with this travelbureau, they are fast, reliable and polite.

Pieter, the Hague, Netherlands

We want to make the train trip with our kids from Jakarta to Yogyakarta but couldn’t find a way to organise it…untill we found this website! Chris has helped us enormously: no hassle, very accurate, very fast and very trustworthy….a professional way of working!

Cheers, Hilke

Hilke van Lieshout, Haarlem, Netherlands

We booked a train ticket with Mau Ke Mana. Chris is very helpful, friendly and replies very fast to emails. Great service!

Manon, Den Haag, Netherlands

Chris was extremely helpful arranging flights for us during our recent trip. For some airlines and destinations, it just isn’t possible to buy a ticket online without an Indonesian bank account. Chris responded promptly to inquiries and quickly made the transaction before we left home. Also very helpful with travel tips for the particular airports and even hotel recommendations. Everything went smoothly with his help, so I highly recommend Mau Ke Mana.

Dan, Utrecht, Netherlands

Mau Kemana was a great help for me and my family in booking domestic flights in Indonesia. They were pro-active with advise on scheduling and on transfers, and they responded to questions (which we had a lot!) very fast and to-the point. Even changing flights while we were already in rather remote areas of Indonesia was no problem at all. If we would have asked them to also manage our train tickets, we would probably not have stranded in Central java during the Lebaran holidays! Many thanks and I fully recommend Mau Kemana to anyone planning to travel in Indonesia.

Toine van Laack, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Chris heeft de vluchten prima voor ons geregeld tussen Bali en Surabaya.
Hij had goed door wat we precies wilden en bood snel passende vluchten aan.
Snel en goedkoop geregeld, betrouwbaar en prima service!

Ik kom zeker bij Chris en zijn team @ Mau Ke Mana terug.

Jos Koevoet, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Was searching for a way to book a local flight in Indonesia and read about MKM on the thorn tree. Great service, quick reply. And on top of all after the quote for the flight was given and the money transferred (via PayPal so OK!) I received an email that the ticketprice was lower than the quote and received some money back again!

Johanna, Haarlem, Netherlands

New Zealand

Kia Ora from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Firstly thank you Chris for the amazing assistance you provided in working out the best option for my travel
between Bali and East Timor in October 2014.
Despite my indecision with dates and the numerous queries I made, every email was answered promptly
and this really was ‘service at its best’.
Thank you for taking so much of the pressure away from what could have been a nightmare for me to organize.
I cannot speak highly enough of your work!!

Angela Nikoro, Auckland, New Zealand

I asked Chris to help solve our problem with domestic Indonesian flights. We had tried booking everything ourselves from New Zealand and had encountered payment and communication issues with local airlines. Then suddenly Garuda changed their departure time forcing us to change our connecting Merpati flight… I was desperate for some help and found positive reviews about on Lonely Planet. Chris solved everything for us very quickly, now we will be able to make it to our honeymoon in Raja Ampat. I wish I knew about Chris and the team before and I will definitely book all Indonesia flights through them next time. Brilliant, prompt, trustworthy service and easy to pay with Paypal.

Sofia Minson Artist, Auckland, New Zealand

Facing the all too common hurdle of not being able to book my flights online, I stumbled upon Mau Ke Mana. I frequently travel in Indonesia for work, but usually have the flexibility to book flights once I am there. This time, however, I needed to be more organised. I am very thankful Mau Ke Mana were so efficient in their communication and arrangement of the tickets. I have since recommended them to my colleagues and other organisations working in Indonesia.

Chris, Christchurch, New Zealand

IMG_0631It has always been my dream to go to the Komodo Dragon national park (I studied them at uni), so we booked our whole trip based around going there. Looked up all of the flights online from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo all which you could book online. All in the one day i booked and paid for everything tickets to Bali, organised accommodation, transfers, sightseeing and the flight to get me to Komodo, or so i thought. Turns out after a couple of days my credit card hadn’t been charged for the flights to Komodo in a panic as everything else was set i got hold of the airline company only to find out they didn’t accept international credit card (which i couldn’t find written anywhere) and nor did any of the other airlines… cue severe meltdown, a lot of tears this was the whole point of going to Indonesia and i wasn’t going to get there!!! and then I came across Mau Ke Mana, I was dubious at first but me and my partner agreed that it was worth a shot and if it was a scam..well we had tried. Email sent within 24 hours Chris had replied and within 48 hours I had my tickets!!. Chris made everything so easy, provided excellent service, managed to get the flight’s i wanted, kept me informed, answered all my questions, emailed us with tips about money, taxis the airport everything, and on top of all that when the tickets were cheaper than expected i was sent a refund!!!!!. We had no problems with the tickets at either airport, we had a fantastic trip and got to tick the Komodo dragons off my bucket list. You really don’t know how much I appreciate all you have done! I highly recommend this company and Chris if you need an honest, reliable, genuine, helpful person/company that has your needs/wants at the top of their priority list. Thank you

Jennifer Prince, Wellington, New Zealand

After spending many frustrating hours putting details in online with various airlines and then the sites coming to a grinding halt when trying to complete the payment I searched online and found Mau Ke Mana. They booked us seven internal flights without any hassle and even gave us a refund when one of the flights ended up costing less than what they’d quoted. I know we could have booked the flights when we got to Indonesia, but it was so good to get it all done before we left so we could plan and book some of the main things we wanted to do before we left NZ.

Andrew, Wanganui, New Zealand

Chris was great – efficient, good communicator and prompt, plus provided handy hints and tips for our travel to Flores – highly recommend. Thanks guys! Can’t wait to get to Flores.

Sue, Auckland, New Zealand

Chris responded to my request for flights from Lombok to Denpasar quickly and efficiently. Excellent info also supplied about taxes transport accommodation and more. Thanks and would thoroughly recommend.

Nannette Brock, Auckland, New Zealand

I wish all travel agents were as good as Chris. He found several itineraries for us while we made up our mind about where we wanted to go & once we made our decision it was all simple, with no hassles. We are thinking of our next trip and will be calling again, thanks.

Pat & Susanne, Auckland, New Zealand

So easy to use and very fast had a flight booked in three days after first email. At a very small fee and saved us as we needed a flight as soon as we got their. thanks again

Adam Dickinson, Auckland, New Zealand

I had a friends wedding in Lombok and was unable to pay for a flight from Denpasar to Lombok with my NZ credit card, fortunately I stumbled upon Chris at Mau Ke Mana and he was able to book and pay for the flight on my behalf. Everything went remarkably smoothly at both airports and I got the added bonus of flying on a unknown airline with a bunch of very friendly locals.
Excellent service, I would use them again and recommend Mau Ke Mana.

Jake, Christchurch, New Zealand

I am a travel agent from New Zealand and had trouble booking Lion Air flights online due to foreign credit cards not being accepted.
I was very dubious about contacting someone online but I didn’t have any choice. I have now completed the transaction with Chris and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in terms in service. Very happy. Thanks Chris!

Tracey, Auckland, New Zealand

Norway / Norge

Raske, hjelpsomme og pålitelige. Bra saker! :-)

Kris Mikael, Oslo, Norway

Philippines / Pilipinás

I was very hesitant to trust this site!! Glad I did because I got my tickets before I left for Jakarta and it eased all of the stress of travelling without connecting flights to Bali during high travel season. Satisfied with communication and travel options offered. Good prices too. Will use this site again should I ever need internal flights in Indonesia.

Jennifer, Manila, Philippines

Mau Ke Mana helped me booked train tickets from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. Excellent service – prompt replies, accommodated just about any questions I asked. I paid online, printed the tickets and exchanged them at the ticket counter the day the train left. Definitely hassle free and a site to be trusted. Thank you, Chris and the rest of Mau Ke Mana!

Paulene, Manila, Philippines

Poland / Polska

P1070613Excellent assistance and reliable service! Chris was always ready to help and answer all our questions. Our e-mail communication was very fast and efficient. While we were planning our itinerary, Chris provided a lot of valuable and useful tips.

Karina and Mario, Warsaw, Poland

As many people, I was a little bit afraid to send money to unknowns guys from mysterious indonesian web site Mau Ke Mana. Unnecessarily. Chris from Mau Ke Mana exchanged with me milions emails. I realized it was middle of night for him. He was very , very helpful and patiens. They help me to buy flight from Jakarta to Denpasar. I was paying from Poland. Tickets were real. I sincerely recommend Chris and his team.
Agnieszka from Poland with family.
Polecam szczerze tych chlopakow. Wszystko zadzilalo, kupujcie u nich bilety bez obaw. Uratowali nasz ewakacje na Bali.

Agnieszka, Warsaw, Poland

Polecam gorąco. Błyskawiczny kontakt, wszystko wyjasnione, dogadane. Usługa na najwyższym poziomie. POLECAM! :)

Magdalena, Warsaw, Poland

Very good service. Very fast reply each time. Full info. No worries ;)

Anna, Warsaw, Poland

Excellent service. They have been very helpful with booking our tickets. I warmly recommend their services.

Przemyslaw, Krakow, Poland

Excellent service, reliable, professional and efficient. Booking train tickets was fast and easy. Thanks again!

Arkadiusz, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Very prompt service, quick with repling, no problem with payment. Reliable choice if you are travelling to Indonesia.

Adam Jezierski, Warsaw, Poland

For everyone who consider travelling in Indonesia, I can strongly recommend Mau Ke Mana service.
in 2011, me and my friend needed a reservation for transfers between Flores and Lombok – so we come across MKM. After we decided so, we never regreted: – end-to-end travel assistance was superb.
In the (very likely) even when the airline have rescheduled our flight we have received direct call from Mau Ke Mana, together with the assistance to alternative find travel route.
Again, very good experience to travel with Mau Ke Mana assistance.

Serdecznie polecam!

Aga, Krakow, Poland

Great service. We have booked with Mau Ke Mana 2 domestic flights in Indonesia and everything worked great. All my emials were replied in few moments and everything was so clear.
I have also asked for help with finding tour operation for Bromo Trip and Chris was very helpful with this. Now we are closing this booking. :)
I’d recommend Mau Ke Mana’s service to anyone, and it is grat pity that i havn’t known Chris before for my previous trip to Indonesia.

Once again great 5 stars service:)

Magdalena, Warsaw, Poland

Chris, thank you very much for your help. Everything was organized within 36 hours from our initial request. We can recommend Mau Ke Mana as a reliable partner to anyone traveling to Indonesia :-)

Mozna skorzystac bez obawy z posrednictwa Mau Ke Mana. Szybko, sprawnie i bez niespodzianek.

Agata & Marek

Agata, Krakow, Poland

Contact with Mau Ke Mana was highly helpful. Our booking was carried very quickly. Even the bill was prepared in our own currency (polish zloty)! Payment by PayPal is quick and easy. I can recommend Mau Ke Mana as highly responsible partner.

Marcin, Krakow, Poland

Qatar / قطر

People at MKM are very kind, polite, and helpful, They provide a very great service that you can not do as a foreigner out side of Indonesia. So if you like to plan your trip ahead of time you only have to send them an email.

Rami, Doha, Qatar

Russia / Россия

NatalyaThanks Chris and Mau Ke Mana..a year ago I couldn’t pay tickets inside Indonesia from Moscow..Some companies there work with Visa cards,issued in Asia, Australia etc..Chris solved this problem! Since then,though I’m already skilled, I sometimes ask to help me.Even today I’ve got an advice how/where to arrange my 5-hours night staying in the airport between flights.
Deeply touched,
Thank you,professionals and nice people!

Natalia V Knerik, Moscow, Russia

The first time,it was 1 year ago, i faced the problem that couldn’t pay domestic Indonesian airline ticket being in Moscow.Some banks didn’t get Visa card if it is not issued in Asia.Mau Ke Mana was really helpful and saved the situation without any additional payment.Since then, I usually ask Chris to help if need urgent assistance or if have a question…All the tips are really essentually necessary.AND the help is never late.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!:)

Natalia V Knerik, Moscow, Russia

2Chris helped me to book 3 flights. Service of the highest quality. Chris gave me the details of my flights, hotels, weather. Wrote helpful tips. Using the tips Chris even a child can travel in a foreign country! Very quick answers to questions, detailed information on each item. I highly recommend Chris!

Vlad, Samara, Russia

Mau Ke Mana is truly excellent agency and Chris is really amazing manager – all arrangements come in a quick response, all my questions were answered, so I’m totally satisfied with Mau Ke Mana’s assistance!

Ekaterina, Vladivostok, Russia

Singapore / 新加坡的, Singapura, சிங்கப்பூர், सिंगापुर

I brought my family to Java for an overland tour travelling from Surabaya to Jakarta. In between, when travelling from Jogja to Bandung, I used Mau Ke Mana service to help me to book train tickets in advance. Chris was very helpful and responded to my email promptly. When I checked in to my hotel in Jogja, the train tickets were already there with the hotel reception staff. The service provided by MKM was excellent which made my journey hassel free and swift. Thanks Chris! I would surely make use of your service again when needed in future.

Syed Amir Shah, Bedok Reservoir, Singapore

Thanks Chris, for your help in getting me the tickets to Timor Leste on Merpati from Bali. It was a headache until I found you. Great service, information and help. Much appreciated, it saved me money and I will recommend you without hesitation!

Lorna Perry, Singapore


Aziz, Singapore

I had my initial doubts about Mau ke Mana but the service for booking my train tickets around Java has been absolutely brilliant. Loads of information about the options available, and very speedy replies to my queries. Most importantly, within less than a week, everything was sorted out including payment and receipt of my train tickets.
Highly recommended if you want to do some travelling within Indonesia as a visitor (the best way to travel in Indonesia) even if you’ve been there before, rather than a “packaged” tourist.

Chris McNally, Singapore

Slovakia / Slovenská republika

Mau ke mana has provided a great help with buying the local flights in Indonesia. Very prompt, quick responses and free useful extra information about airports and what to do in local cities :)

Also great to meet Chris in Surabaya, thanks for the Pocari rehydrating drinks :))


Zuzana Knezlova, Bratislava, Slovakia


From the first e-mail i had many additional questions, Chris answered every of them and acted professionally from the beginning, so he won my trust in Mau ke mana. Then i booked my flight for me and my friends and reconfirmed it on the Lion air website, and the reservation was there. So everything went smoothly and i got cheap tickets which saved me a lot of time during my holiday in Indonezia.

Thank you.

Jana Ileninova, Kosice, Slovakia

South Africa / Suid-Afrika

We have nothing but praise for the service provided by Chris. It’s both professional and efficient, and our train reservations covering the island of Java were dealt with in a most pleasant and hassle-free manner. Thank you.
Tony and Astrida van Zantwijk

Tony van Zantwijk, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am a pedantic traveller that needs to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.
Chris at Mau Ke Mana provided exceptional service. His feedback were timely and efficient. I would reccomend Mau ke Mana to anyone who wants to plan in advance and cannot use their existing foreign credit cards to book Indonesian airflights.

Tejal, Johannesburg, South Africa

Chris from MKM was amazing!

I received a prompt response to my query and within an hour, my payment was recived, processed and I had my flight tickets sorted out. The price was reasonable too. I highly recommend MKM to any prospective customers.

Aneesa, Durban, South Africa

Spain / España

I just booked 2 return tickets Denpasar-Labuanbajo and everything was quick and easy. Chris is very kind and helpful. I decided to use this site because I realized I couldn’t buy some airline tickets if I didn’t have an Indonesian Visa Card.

Anna, Barcelona, Spain

Foto-MBMau Ke Mana has provided us a very good service, all on time, useful comments and advice.

I recommend the web in particular for airlines that do not accept credit cards.


Marcelo Baltzer, Madrid, Spain

Muy correcto y rápido servicio.
Perfecta comunicación, he comprado billetes de tren de Surabaya a Yogyakarta.
Very correct and quick service.
Perfect communication, I bought train tickets from Surabaya to Yogyakarta

Jose Mª Martinez, Santa Coloma de Cervello, Spain

Thank you Chris and Michael to help me!!! I arrived to Ambon really tired after no sleep in two days. Michael sent me to his home to sleep. Then they sent me to the Ambon harbour to take the Kelimutu ferry to Banda Islands. All was perfect!

Thank you very much!

Egoi, Ordizia, Spain

Realmente es un servicio maravilloso. Responden rápido, de forma personalizada, con eficiencia. Tuve todo lo que necesité y en poco tiempo. Pagar es muy seguro a través de pay pall y rápidamente te envían los billetes. Además hay mucha información del país para ayudarte en la logística del viaje. Lo recomiendo

Angeles, Madrid, Spain

Having failed miserably to book tickets with Lion Air using a non Indonesian Credit Card ( apparently the rest of the world has this problem too and yes this is year 2012!) we came across MKM on the web. We got into contact and the service offered was very rapid and professional. Their charges were a little more than Lion Air prices but since we couldn’t book with Lion anyway that was irrelevent. Payment via Paypal was fine.

All in all, a first class service, in English.

You may remember the Ronseal advert..”It does exactly what it says on the tin.” So do Mau Ke Mana

Jack Conn, Ubrique, Spain

It was really great to come across with Mau Ke Mana. We were having lot of problems to book a flight with an Indonesian airline from Spain. Chris was really helpful and the booking process was extremely easy. We only needed to chose among the options offered by him and we got the tickets in a blink of an eye. For sure we are going to use Mau Ke Mana again.

Aleix, Barcelona, Spain

They helped me booking a flight from Surabaya to PangkalanBun. They offered me a very reasonable price in comparison with other agents and they were really fast and efficient answering all my emails. Besides that, they also gave me some tips for my trip to Indonesia. So summarise, my personal experience with them was very satisfactory.

Carlos Sanchez, Madrid, Spain

Came across Mau Ke Mana at the Lonely Travel TT forum and decided to give them a try since buying tickets with a non-indonesian visa was becoming impossible.
Glad I trusted these guys, service was superb and fast!

Berta, Barcelona, Spain

These guys are so efficient.
i have no doubt I will contact them again next time I need to book my plane tickets.

Javier Arpa, Madrid, Spain

Chris just organized three different domestic flights for us, and cannot recommend him enough. Mau Ke Mana will take all the troubles off you and present all available options hassle free for a very small fee. Dealing with bookings in Indonesia is a real mess as airlines don’t accept most foreign credit cards (amazing but true) and there are many additional obstacles, as shown by the fact that Garuda Indonesia website was down for a week just when we were trying to book the tickets. Nevertheless, Chris managed to find an alternative way to book the heavy discounted fares offered on GA site only and was always ready to update me on the process. As soon as technical problems with the airline were fixed he sent over all the itineraries and confirmations from airlines, along with several tips for air transport in Indonesia. Payment is done through Paypal in your desired currency, so no need to send over any credit card details plus you get Paypal’s guarantee. Thanks for an amazing service!

Gonzalo, Madrid, Spain

Really pleased with the good service.


Aitor Coteron, Bilbao, Spain

Sweden / Sverige

Once I finally received a response from Mau Ke Mana to my inquiries – Chris had been on leave it turned out – the service and help that followed was truly phenomenal! Chris revised our choice of flight routes to the better, booked flights, hotel and answered all my questions, including those not connected to the bookings, in a very helpful way. Finally, easy pay via paypal made the MKM experience complete. This is the best experience I have ever had with a travel agency!

Magnus, Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent service! I can highly recommend Mau Ke Mana. We got help (very fast and very nice!) booking a domestic flight since we couldn’t pay on with our non-indonesian visa card.

Emma, Stockholm, Sweden

Mau Ke Mana was very efficient, informational and friendly when me and my wife planned our trip through Java, Bali and the Gilis this year. Train tickets, flights, hotel recommendations and general travel advice were all very helpful and our trip worked out perfectly.

Daniel, Stockholm, Sweden

Switzerland / Schweiz, la Suisse, la Svizzera

Chris just recently organized a flight from Batam to Padang for us. Within two days everything was settled (from inquiry to booking and eTicket receipt) for a flight that I would not be able to book from Switzerland and over the internet by myself. Chris is definitely a pro and the system from Mau ke Mana perfect, secure and without hassle to anyone. Thank you so much for the great support and if needed I will sure get back to you at Mau ke Mana. Terima kasih banyak dan Sampai jumpa lagi!

Vanessa & Andy, Maienfeld, Switzerland

22-Jan-2014-BEverything went great. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. The trip to Labuan Bajo from Denpasar was a lot of fun and easy to do. Thanks to Chris and Mau Ke Mana for their help.

Paul, Zurich, Switzerland

MKM provided very good information about traveling within Indonesia as well as giving me plenty of additional useful information with which to decide how to travel and, ultimately, getting the airline tickets I needed.

Communicating via prompt and courteous emails, Chris, from MKM, helped me finalize our (6 adults, traveling from Europe as well as from Australia) itinerary within Bali.

Paul Selwold, Zurich, Switzerland

After much frustration with lionair and merpati call centres and websites, finally googled (should have done it first) and found many other equally frustrated people, who recommended Mau Ke Mana.
Very helpful and fast service. Got my tickets pdf’d to me with a no-fuss email request.

Thanks Chris ! Will tell my travel agent friend here in Zürich about you!


Steve, Zurich, Switzerland

DSC02188-2013-02-20-à-13-34-57Thank you Chris for the very efficient flight ticket bookings and the great tips and friendly advices (like waiting until flight fares are lower before booking). Excellent, quick and very professional service!

David Perroud, Vevey, Switzerland

Chris was great.
Service was so efficient, quick, and safe (paypal) when my professional travel agency in Europe wasn’t even able top reach the airline companies.
Thank you so much,

Eric, Grandvaux, Switzerland

Many thanks for your great help.

Monika and Franklin, St Gallen, Switzerland

We booked 2 flights for our summer tour with Chris’s help, he’s very helpfull and fast on giving advices. Can’t be more satisfied! Thanks

Andrea, Lugano, Switzerland

Booking domestic flights in Indonesia from overseas can be really nerve breaking (unresponsive airline websites, no credit cards accepted, etc.)… unless you book through Mau Ke Mana. Very quick and friendly service from Chris, no hidden fees and possibility to pay instantly with Paypal, exactly what I had been looking for for weeks. Really recommended !

David, Basel, Switzerland

Excellent service, thank you MAU KE MANA!

Chris organised all our flights in Kalimantan, everything worked perfect. He was quick, very helpful, supportive and provided useful tipps & tricks for travelling on the island, next to all the “must knows” and “nice to knows” about our flights.

Much appreciated and highly recommendable!

Martin, Zurich, Switzerland

Perfect service! Got my tickets within a few hours. Thanks a lot and best wishes from Switzerland.

Reto, Zurich, Switzerland

taiwan Taiwan / 中華民國

Chris is the right man for the job, whether air transport, information, or hotel bookings. He is timely, accurate and has made our trip very easy. I know that I will be using Mau Ke Mana again and suggest that anyone traveling to Indonesia to give them a try. Thank you all for your help and wealth of information you supply.

Bruce Shotland, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Thailand / ประเทศไทย

Great company! Chris responded quickly to my emails with a detailed response. He was able book my requested flight and he provided me with appropriate documentation. Thanks again!

Erika, Bangkok, Thailand

Turkey / Türkiye

When we learned we couldn’t book domestic flight using our credit card not belonging to Indonesia we searched the internet and found that Mau Ke Mana can provide such a service. After an email to them everything was arranged quickly and safely in two days. They even sent me a hint about how to transfer between international and domestic terminals including photos. They provide an outstanding service with friendly boutique approach and charged a reasonable small amount for their service. Thank you so much for the great support.

Aydin, Ankara, Turkey

Ukraine / Україна

I’m really happy to find “Mau Ke Mana” in Internet, which helped me to buy ticket for domestic flight in Indonesia. For me it was unexpectedly to know, that Indonesian airline companies don’t trust international VISA cards for making payments for e-tickets. Thanks to “Mau Ke Mana” now I have my ticket to Surabaya city. I am amazed with high level of service which provide Chris and David, with useful and functional website, where I read a lot of important for me information, and with polite and fast communication with Chris :) I think you do a right deal. :) Thank you Chris and David :)

Sergey Zavodchikov, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

United Kingdom

GK_PRChris did a fantastic job of sorting out some tricky travel arrangements. I had to get to Bandaneira, no easy feat given the lack of options. Chris sorted out a flight promptly and efficiently (on the only airline that services the island). Moreover, picking up my tickets was a breeze, as a representative was waiting for me at the airport. I’ll definitely be using Mau Ke Mana in future – the efficient, friendly service makes it a pleasure to do business with them. So much so that I have already recommended them to friends.

Graham Kelly, Glasgow, UK

Had spent days trying to work out how to reach the fabled Banda Islands – found details of Mau Ke Manu on one of the blogs, got in touch and within a couple of days all my questions had been answered, a string of flights booked, hand-delivery of the Ambon-Banda leg arranged, easy payment through PayPal and some really useful travel tips – including how to spend a night at Jakarta Airport.
Thanks for your care on this, Chris. Wicked service!

Margy Cockburn, Somerset, UK

IMG_3422Very quick and efficient service from Chris and his team booking an internal Indonesian flight for me.

Ed Raw, Bristol, UK

Firstly, prompt reply and immediate bookings. I emailed them the dates and flights I wanted and in two days Chris had replied me the availability of flights within the time slots that I had preferred.
Secondly I paid by Paypal ( via my UK Mastercard) that same night and all flights were emailed to me the next day.
Lastly, all done in the same prices I saw online of all the low cost airlines , so within my budget

Amita, London, UK

Really fast, professional service. When we realised we couldn’t book direct with the airlines on a UK card we panicked and all the other travel agencies we could find charged a massive mark up but with MKM everything came through really quickly for only a few pounds more than the direct price. Thanks guys.

Kat Harper, London, UK

I was struggling to find a way to book Lion air flights in Indonesia. Having had several attempts on the lion air website and trying to find a local travel agent I came across MKM. To start with I was nervous of using an unknown third party. But Chris and his team are fantastic and I highly recommend them. They booked flights for 12 people for me, with no fuss. Gave me masses of other information to help with customs and the charges etc. The biggest hassle was getting paypal set up!! Thank you so much Chris – I would have been really stuck with out you.

Serena, Gloucestershire, UK

What a great service. They were so helpful and didn’t give up on me when I had email problems, paypal problems and difficulties with flight availability. Well done for a great determined service. PS thanks for the great info, I was in Jakarta earlier last month and there was lots of stuff I didn’t pick up on.

Paul, West country, UK

A very good service, which greatly enhance our trip to Indonesia. Chris was very prompt and helpful when replying to our emails, both before and after we booked our flights. We used him to book three flights.

I would strongly recommend.

Ian Brocklebank, Sheffield, UK

Hi I have used Chris at Mau Ke Mana for 3 years now and just recently he has done as ever a wonderful job at booking some more flights for meto Bali I have never once had any problems on my travels to Bali/Java/Menatwis and have been so grateful that Chris has been on the case. I have passed on details to some of my friends and recommend Mau Ke Mana 100% for your travels around Indonesia. No question are any problem for Chris.

Happy traveling

Jan, Guernsey, UK

Excellent, reliable service from Chris. Really helpful with my endless queries and flight booked without hassle. Highly recommended.

Karyn, London, UK

I cannot recommend Mau Ke Mana enough. After discovering that I couldn’t book any Indonesian internal flights online, I thought I was going to have to change my planned itinerary – fortunately I found this website – within 24 hours of submitting the inquiry form, I had the e-ticket in my inbox. Great service.

Nal Townley, Leeds, UK

What a wonderful find through Wanderlust magazine. We would highly recomend Mau Ke Mana if, like us, you need to book local flights in Indonesia in advance with a UK card. Simple, quick and very reasonable. Thanks for making our holiday plans so easy. Kind regards from Caroline Villiers

Caroline Villiers, Reading, UK

I am so happy to have discovered Mau Ke Mana. Chris and David could not have been more helpful and informative.
Having tried to book flights with Lion Air from Bali to Lombok from the UK and tried several UK credit cards all registered with verified with visa but kept being rejected. After first contact with Mau Ke Mana within 24 hours flights booked for four people paid and confirmed what more can I say. I am a very cautious person but have no hesitation in recommending this company to you.

Tony Longton, Read, Ribble Valley, Lancashire, UK

Chris orgainsed all our Borneo internal flights, we had great difficulty trying to arrange them form UK. He also provided a lot of very useful information which was appreciated. I would certainly use Mau Ke Mana again and have no hesitation in recommending their sevices.

Kathryn Morrissey, Harrow, UK

We are very happy that a site like this exists. It wouldn’t have been possible to book our trip & get the peace of mind before setting off. Thankfully Chris (who is immensely helpful) has managed to set up an excellent service that finds a way around the credit card restrictions facing you if you’re travelling from outside of Asia. Chris is very knowledgeable, and the site is really handy.

Nathan & Jemma, Scunthorpe, UK

Brilliant guys!!!!! Thanks to Chris and the gang at Mau Ke Mana for helping me beyond the non Indonesian bank card problem. Very helpful, excellent and quick replies to my several questions. Supplied me with links for airlines using Padang, something I appreciate very much. In short they went beyond what I initially expected. First time user, long term customer. And payment option via Paypal – it can’t get any better…….Terima Kasih!!

Donnie McCulloch, Swindon, UK

Couldn’t book flights directly through lion air as they would not accept international credit card payment. Therefore chose to use Mau Ke Mana travel agency who were able to sort out the flights I wanted for a very reasonable price. Efficient and reliable service. No complaints. Would definitely use again.

Laurence Glancz, Brighton, United Kingdom

Very useful service. Fast and efficient. Recommended.

Dan Weale, London, United Kingdom

Really good service and great communication with emails sometimes returning in a few minutes while also making everything very clear. Made booking these flights so much easier and was able to pay with paypal, recieving the tickets very soon after this. Would highly recommend using this service. *****


Sam Tasou, Canterbury, United Kingdom

Thanks Chis and all at Mau Ke Mana for helping work out a stupidly tight schedule to get around Indonesia … and your patience with all the changes at my end. Invaluable advice and support as well as extremely prompt and efficient. Payments went through no problem – and reimbursements (when flight cost less than expected and then when flights were cancelled) also sorted. Could not possibly have organised all of this without you. Truly fantastic service. Thanks again.

Jon Edwards, Farnham, United Kingdom

Used Mau Ke Mana based on a recommendation from the lonely planet forum and I’m glad that we did. Tickets were booked promptly for us at a fair price. Such a useful service to have for a country where booking flights while overseas is very difficult. Thanks!

Anna Patience, Kinross, United Kingdom

Wow, what a great service. Found it impossible to book flights to Labuan Bajo from Bali on Lion Air on-line as their website did not accept international credit cards– American or British. Was recommended to this site by our hotel and, basically, Chris and his team sorted our problem overnight. I made payment via Paypal (from which I was able to register as a guest user and just pay direct from my credit card) and the next day MKM sent us our e-tickets. I’m generally a bit reluctant to go through a third party but this really was that simple. Plus, the information on their website is great– I now sincerely hope to pass a bit more easily through Indonesian customs after reading it!

Ian, London, United Kingdom

My husband and I had seen flights that we wanted to book with LionAir but when we came to book them we realised that they didn’t accept non-Indonesian card payments. We tried ringing them but could not find anyone that spoke English. I emailed Chris at Indonesia Matters before I went to bed last night and I had an email from him this morning with easy instructions to make the payment. I made the payment with my credit card via Paypal and received our tickets about an hour and a half later, with tips for how to get from international to domestic etc. This took so much stress out of the booking and we are very grateful to Chris and the team.

Leila, Nottingham, United Kingdom

We are off to Indonesia for a short trip next week. We are planning on jetting around a fair bit, and I spent a very long time independently trying to research flights etc. I then hit a brick wall when trying to book flights direct with the airline website (not accepting UK credit cards, etc). While trying to find online tips about how to get round this, I came across some positive reviews on Mau ke Mana, and thought I’d see what they could do. The option to pay with Paypal (and the ability to claim back if all went wrong) was the deciding factor.

All along, they have been very prompt, efficient and helpful. Although I approached them with the flight times/ routes I’d already found, I suspect all my independent research was in vain, as Chris came up with a number of better alternatives very quickly. Within 5 days after originally emailing, I received a quote, paid on paypal, and now have etickets in hand!

If we ever venture back to Indonesia again (very likely!) I will definitely be getting straight back in touch with Chris et al, and I can highly recommend them!

Adam, Suffolk, UK

Very efficient service. Several quotes were offered by the end of the working day and the whole process was completed within 24 hours. Far more successful experience than Lion Air’s website. Thank you Chris.

Samantha Isaac, Manchester, UK

Excellent! fast! helpful! thank you! ;)

Veronika, London, UK

Myself and girlfriend are travelling around Indonesia and Malaysia for a month. Anyone who is doing something similar and is researching travel plans will know how vast the country is. What is not widely known is that it is a nightmare to book flights with in Indonesia with a non-Indonesian credit card.
Thankfully I came across Chris and the guys at Mau Ke Mana! I required multiple internal flights and the guys dealt with all requests very promptly and gave several options for me. They even refund some of the costs to me as the flights had reduced from quoting to booking!
If you need any travel requirements please give the guys a shout! Cant do enough for and they speak English!
Thanks guys!

James Allenby, Liverpool, UK

I wanted to travel by train between Jakarta and Yogjakarta. nothing could be simpler – i gave them the dates, received an invoice for the tickets which i presented at the station to get a boarding card. tip: it was possible on arriving in Yogjakarta to go straight to the ticket booth for my return boarding pass dated 4 days later. executive class was good with air conditioning and panoramic views of the Javan countryside (after leaving the Jakarta suburbs). highly recommended

Michael Sammons, Bridgwater, UK

Really impressed with efficient and hassle free service. Would certainly be using them again. Terima Kasih MKM!

Damian, Reading, UK

We cannot thank Chris enough for his help in obtaining Indonesian railway tickets. He answered my questions promptly by e-mail, booked all the tickets requested and gave us information about getting to the stations and obtaining our tickets. Thanks to him our journey went smoothly. We would certainly recommend Mau Ke Mana.

Francine Wallis, Sherborne, UK

Mau Ke Mana were efficient, caring, knowledgeable, quick and reliable. What more could you want from someone arranging travel for you?

Simon Napier-Bell, London, UK

Really fast response to emails, and tickets came through immediately after payment – together with heaps of useful info re checking in online, arriving at airports, visas, changing money etc.
Great service – thank you!

Hilary Mehew, Bexhill, UK

I asked MKM to make two train journey reservations for me after their very helpful replies to my initial enquiries. The necessary paperwork was emailed to me promptly
and I have just completed the journeys without even the slightest hitch. Dont hesitate to let MKM be of service if you need them.

David Jones, Hinckley, UK

Fantastic service from Chris – have just booked a series of flights around Kalimantan with him and couldn’t have had more help. He found several alternative routes that I hadn’t managed to find, even with hours of research behind me and suggested different ways for me to do my itinerary. Brilliant !

Sheena Reid, Finchampstead, UK

A very big thankyou to Chris for his constant advice and quick responses regarding our internal flights. It appears that it’s no easy thing booking them from the UK so his help has been invaluable
Many thanks

Sally Franklin , London, UK

We were unable to book airline tickets online from Bali to Lombok and had difficulties with some travel agents. By chance we contacted MKM. Chris answered our queries, booked the flights for us and within a few days everything was settled without any issues. We would recommend the services of Chris and his team! Thank you everyone at MKM and keep up the good work.

Sea, London, UK

Excellent efficient service, thank you Chris and Team, it made my booking process so simple for internal flights in Indonesia after a few frustrating days on Lion Air website. Every one visiting Indonesia should know about you guys. I will strongly recommend to anyone considering visiting Indonesia and definitely use MKM for future regular visits back there.

Martin Mulligan, London, UK

Excellent service, from Mau Ke Mana, when you are in the Uk you are not able to book and pay for Lion air flights within Indonesia, I found this site from recommendations on Trip Advisor, Chris and his team have been extremely efficient and have offerred far more information than I requested. which has been appreciated.
All done within a day and paid for on paypal.

Would definately recommend and will definately use again when travelling in Indonesia.

Shirley, Colchester, UK

Chris did a fantastic job on booking us train tickets when I realised it was impossible to book them from this end. When our internal flights were cancelled last week, I knew I had to get to Chris immediately who helped to secure new flights. It is not just his ability to do things which are very difficult or impossible to do from a distance, but also his extensive knowledge of Indonesia which is enormously helpful. I would recommend using him for every step of your trip to Indonesia.

Petra Duguid, Lincoln, UK

I decided to use this service after reading a few reviews in travel forums, and I’m really glad I did. Chris and his tea are really quick at responding to queries and getting flights sorted for you. When I received my etickets there was a small error on it, however the team rectified this straight away with no fuss and no cost to ourselves. Haven’t used the flight yet but very happy with the service provided to get the tickets. Thanks

Katie, Belfast, UK

We had an excellent service, I was a bit dubious at first because I heard so many horror stories about agents in Jakarta. Don’t believe anything bad you hear about Chris. He did a fantastic job arranging a train trip to Bandung and back plus a good hotel for a group of ladies of a certain age, we had a fabulous time and it was so easy. What was so good was that he actually responded to emails!!!!!

We will use him again to sort out our trip to yoga again by train. The train journeys here are some of the best in the role for views….a must do….

Sarah, York, UK

Had a fantastic trip and all was good with the flights that you booked for me. I am most impressed and will definably be contact you in the future to book flights to indo as well as passing your details onto any friends that will be travelling to indo in the future. I will be wanted to go to Nias again in January for 2 weeks from Jakarta so will definitely be contact you then to help me out. Thanks again for all you help I had the most amazing time and loved every moment even having to fly back to Medan on the way out because of a storm but Lion Air put us up in a 5 star hotel so no complaints there. Thanks again for everything Chris.

Jan Thomson, Guernsey, UK

Mau ke mana have been extremely fast and helpful in organising our internal flights from Bali to Lombok. They emailed me within one day of my enquiry and I had booked it within two with all questions answered. It was pretty much the same price as the airline prices quoted on the net, but as you don’t seem to be able to book tickets with Indonesian airlines without an Indonesian bank account, this was the perfect solution. I had never heard of them before booking, but would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Caroline DrouetStockport , London, UK

Excellent helpful swift service. Truly first class.

Conor, London, UK

I will recommend Chris to anyone visiting Indonesia. We had spent ages trying to find EU regulated airlines doing the routes which we wanted and were really struggling. A friend recommended Chris. Before we knew it, all flights were booked hassle free. Chris even rearranged all our flights for us with no hassle when we changed our mind. I just wish we had discovered this earlier before all the stress of finding flights.

Katy Dibble, Manchester, UK

United States of America

Just Finished booking Tickets for my wife and daughter. These Folks provide an invaluable service making travel arrangements and bookings within Indonesia. It has been an absolute pleasure and breeze to work with them. Terema Kasih.

Jon Frost, Los Angeles, USA

hanzChris rescued me with his prompt and reliable service — he got my train reservation at the last minute. I exchanged the pdf voucher for the tickets with no problems.

David Hanz, Los Altos, California, USA

maryI’ve always booked my own flights but found it impossible when planning my recent trip to Indonesia. The airline websites and my regular travel sources were hopeless. Even calling the airlines didn’t work. Then I found Chris at Indonesia Matters/Mau Ke Mana. He was WONDERFUL. This is not just a booking site, it’s a personal connection. He didn’t just consider destination, he gave me options on price, convenience, and time. He’s a real insider who had great suggestions for hotels and tour providers. Response time was always very quick. Plus, paying for tickets was easy, since he accepts credit cards and Paypal. We were going to Borneo and Sumba, with limited flight options. When a flight was cancelled, he immediately notified me and made the change. When I sent a desperate email mid-trip after another flight was cancelled, he immediately solved the problem. There is no catch. This group actually does what they say they will do.

Mary Jane Weil, Venice, California, USA

Some people are reluctant to trust transactions over the internet. In this case, don’t be. These guys were super helpful, very professional, and extremely quick in helping us secure flight tickets that we couldn’t purchase without an Indonesian credit card. Thanks again for all your help Chris and David!

Tim, Pennsylvania, USA

Our family of five just returned from three weeks in Indonesia during which we flew from Jakarta to Borneo to Surabaya to Bali to Flores/Komodo, back to Bali and then to Jakarta again. We used MKM to arrange all of our inter-island flights and everything went off without a hitch – even when one of our flights was cancelled at the last minute, Chris and his team quickly secured a different flight for us that worked perfectly. From our first contact, Chris was responsive and gave us great flight advice. And the prices were very reasonable. Even if it was easy to book flights in Indonesia from the U.S. (which it isn’t) I would highly recommend using MKM. They are really the best.

Ben, Rollinsford, USA

Working with Chris at Mau Ke Mana was the best experience I had in trying to get airline tickets. I had great difficulty trying to purchase them with a credit card outside Indonesia. Considering the ease with which they helped I would use Mau Ke Mana for all my travel plans.

Rick, Texas, USA

This organization has been nothing, but polite and professional. Responses are quick, and the information is thorough. It has been no problem whatsoever booking our train travel for Indonesia via the internet well in advance of our trip.

Mau Ke Mana is great!!

Walter W Major III, Seattle, USA

Great service !!! I was unable to book any domestic flights with Wings due to foreign credit card, Chris helped me book them all. Excellent customer service, Chris was very helpful and always quickly responded to all my emails and questions. Thank you Chris!!!!!

Kathy, Seattle, USA

If you are trying to get air travel inside Indonesia, don’t waste your time dealing with anyone else than Mau Ke Mana.

Milton, Encinitas, USA

Thank you for your assistance booking our flights when we travelled to Indonesia in October of 2014. Your help provided a smooth seamless process for us getting between islands. We thoroughly enjoyed Bali & Lombok thanks to your help. Instead of trying to buy tickets when we don’t speak the language we arrived at the airport with tickets in hand. It was appreciated. Thanks,


Colin, Austin, USA

I had hit a brick wall in my attempts to secure domestic Indonesian airline tickets from my home in California. Through Lonely Planet, I found a thread with a link to Mau Ke Mana. Chris was very helpful in answering all of my questions, giving detailed descriptions of how to move from terminal to terminal at CGK and etc. Lion Air e-tickets were sent promptly, and payment through Paypal couldn’t be easier. All in all, an excellent service – I highly recommend MKM!

John Knox, Costa Mesa, USA

Mau Ke Mana has been so helpful with booking our train tickets and answering all of our questions about our upcoming travels. Chris was very prompt with his responses and provided thorough information.

Tonya & Ashley, Durham, USA

Chris was super helpful and responsive. Would recommend them to anyone.
Hidden Field

Beth M, New York, USA

Many thanks to Chris for the very quick response and flight booking, when we could not use American credit cards to book direct. Thanks for taking care of this for us and making it so easy – highly recommend!

Jennifer Lehman, Texas, USA

Chris at Mau Ke Mana has been extremely helpful. Mau Ke Mana has made my life so much easier. I was on the phone with a bunch of different airlines for hours trying to sort out how to pay for airline tickets in Indonesia. Within just a few minutes Chris found me the flights I wanted and at a cheaper price than the airlines had posted. He also included extra information on travel tips in this part of the world. This is such a great service and I would highly recommend making bookings through Mau Ke Mana.

I will also be booking my hotels through Mau Ke Mana.

Thanks again, Chris, for all of your help!

Megan Hatch, Portland, Oregon, USA.

We used Mau Ke Mana for our flights. Not only were they helpful with confirming our flights, they also provided us with a wealth of information about flights, hotels, and general information. I highly recommend this site if you need ANY help making arrangements for travel in Indonesia.

Linda Anderson, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

chrisI tried to book two train tickets from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on my own, but without an Indonesian credit card this was difficult. MKM (Chris) was very fast in getting back to me and he got us on the train most convenient for us. I paid around $10 extra per person – a fee that I am happy to pay for the great customer service that they provided. Thank you Chris.

Christian Vetter, Irvine, CA, USA.

After searching for days for airfare to Indonesia from the US, Chris was very resourceful and was great about answering emails as well as providing useful links.
This trip was last minute, but next vacation I look forward to Chris planning our entire itinerary! He goes above and beyond!!!!

Susan Hixson, Simsbury, USA.

Chris was amazing! He booked 3 flights for us when we were frustrated and confused about declined cards. I wish we had been directed to Chris in the first place instead of fumbling with different airlines’ websites. Chris made booking flights simple, with continuous immediate e-mail responses, fast booking and quick confirmation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone traveling in Indonesia, as he helps you to ensure the tickets you want, when you want them, for a reasonable price. We couldn’t have found a more travel friendly site for Indonesia. Thanks Chris for everything!

Christina, California, USA.

After a very frustrating two weeks of trying to book tickets on LionAir with an American credit card I turned to Mau Ke Mana. They were quick to reply and I had tickets in my hand within a couple of days. Very happy to have found this service!

Kira, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

I had about given up on going to Cirebon, Indonesia for end-of-Ramadan celebrations (Idulfitri). I wasn’t able to book a train ticket through Javanese friends and I feared the trip from Jakarta to Cirebon might be dicey without a reserved ticket.

Mau ke Mana secured me an executive-class ticket then booked my flight from Denpasar to Jakarta to meet the train. The PayPal payments, pdf documents, and connections all worked perfectly. Chris added specific, helpful advice to the documents he emailed.

On my return train ride to Jakarta, I sat next to a young woman coming back from her holiday with her family in Cirebon. It had taken her 15 horrible hours to get to Cirebon in a crowded car, whereas my trip had been a safe and comfortable four hours. I advised her to contact Mau ke Mana next year.

Mary Jo, California, USA.

I was having trouble figuring out how to book domestic flights in Indonesia. After several attempts I all but gave up until I found Mau Ke Mana. They were very quick to respond and able to book the exact flights I requested. A great service and would use it again!

Jeffrey Stoutenger, Newport Beach, CA, USA

As an avid traveler to Asia, I’ve been stymied, in the past, to get an Indonesian airline ticket from the States. I was so happy to run across testimonials of Mau Ke Mana and particularly of Chris. Not only does Chris answer “e” mails right away, he always ADDS helpful information, or even better or more suggestions about travel in and around Indonesia. The booking process was very efficient, fast and easy. I like easy, who doesn’t. I highly recommend Mau Ke Mana.

Sue, Santa Barbara, USA

MKM provides a fantastic service. Chris was very helpful and answered all of my questions very thoroughly (and there were many). I had just 2 weeks in Indonesia and needed to take 4 flights during that time. MKM provided me with flight options, booked the flights, and emailed the tickets. It was a flawless and super convenient process. I highly recommend MKM!

Jennifer, California, USA

I was initially really skeptical of using a travel agency on the internet. I needed information which was not available in the guide books and so I sent Chris a number of questions. His response was quick and to the point. His website offers terrific information on all sorts of travel related topics for Indonesia. It is difficult to buy some airline tickets on line but he is able to make the reservations for you and immediately sends the confirmations with seat assignments. Chris and his team are so easy to work with and I highly recommend them.

Barbara F., San Francisco, California, USA

An excellent way to organize travel in Indonesia

Alan, Eugene, USA

Chris did a great job of responding to all of my questions quickly, even though there was a 12-hour time difference between us. I needed to book a domestic Indonesian flight with a small airline. What could have been the most difficult part of my 3-week trip was one of the easiest, thanks to Chris and his team. He even answered my many questions about Indonesia that had nothing to do with the flight. Highly recommend his services!

Tiffany, Austin, USA

I came across problems trying to book a LionAir ticket due to their website blocking US credit card use. I found some recommendations online to try an Indonesian agent to book this. I came across Mau Ke Mana and Chris. Chris was extremely helpful to not only help us purchase the simple E-ticket through the agency, but provided a wealth of information about travel circumstances in Indonesia, including communicating with the airline in the national language, when we had such a difficult time communicating by phone with the airline people. Great Customer service!

Lynn, Santa Cruz, USA.

Fantastic response and very efficient team! Trustworthy and friendly service. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Cissy, Atlanta, USA.

Vietnam / Việt Nam

I was more than happy to catch Mau ke Mana when I got stuck on booking train tickets in East Java trip. Thanks to Ma ke Mana /Chris I got train tickets. Additionally, Chris also gave me value advises/instructions on my trip in Java. How I should go/ which transportation I should use to optimal my limited time with reasonable cost. Seemingly Chris does not only provide services for benefits Chris also does the jobs with an enthusiastic heart. I can’t find any better service than Chris has done. I definitely recommend Mau ke Mana/ Chris to my friends if they are traveling to Indonesia.

Once again, I would like to say thank you Mau ke Mana and Chris.

Lan Tran, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Expert Recommendations

Wanderlust MKM recommendation
Iain Stewart, Lonely Planet Indonesia author, in Wanderlust travel magazine. (Source)

Harvey World Travel logoI am a travel agent from New Zealand and had trouble booking Lion Air flights online due to foreign credit cards not being accepted. I was very dubious about contacting someone online but I didn’t have any choice. I have now completed the transaction with Chris and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in terms in service. Very happy. Thanks Chris!

Tracey, Harvey World Travel, Auckland, New Zealand

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