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Last updated: September 21, 2014
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By train or bus?

Sometimes, passengers arriving at Jakarta Airport want to head straight to Bandung.

While travelling by train from Jakarta to Bandung is a relaxing and scenic journey, it is not always suitable, especially for those on a tight schedule.

View Larger Map to see Google’s current estimated travel time

As there is no rail-link between Jakarta Airport and Central Jakarta, visitors cannot accurately predict how long their 29km journey to Gambir Railway Station will take. Whether travelling by taxi or airport bus, the ride into the city can be affected by traffic, weather, roadworks, etc. They can miss the train or end up waiting hours at the station.

Cipularang Toll Road TrafficHaving said that, the toll road between Jakarta and Bandung (a.k.a. Cipularang) can also have huge traffic jams. It is often Jakarta residents travelling to/from Bandung for the weekend, around public holidays, etc.

So when should visitors take the bus and when the train?

There are two companies operating airport buses between Jakarta Airport and Bandung: X-Trans and Primajasa. Both are compared with the train below.


X-Trans Airport Bus Bandung
Primajasa Logo

Operates: Every Hour,
07:30 to 22:30
Every Half Hour,
07:30 to 23:30
6 trains,
05:45 to 19:40

Airport Buses depart more frequently than trains, and are more suitable for a flight arriving in the morning.


X-Trans Airport Bus Bandung
De Batara Hotel,
Jl Cihampelas
(a.k.a. Jeans St)
Primajasa Logo
Pasar Modern
Batu Indah


Top = X-Trans, Middle = Train,
Bottom = Primajasa

If you are staying in Bandung, X-Trans and the train terminate at a more central location than Primajasa. If you wish to continue to another city by bus (e.g. Pangandaran), the Primajasa terminus next to the main toll road is more convenient.


X-Trans Airport Bus Bandung
Primajasa Logo

Price of
1 Ticket
Rp100 000
Rp90 000
Rp85 000 to Rp120 000*
($US8.50 to $US12)

*Price includes Rp30 000 for DAMRI Airport bus. If travelling by taxi, the price would be different.
There is little difference in cost. The price of 1 train ticket covers travelling in both business and executive classes.

Train tickets can be booked online, up to 90 days in advance; airport bus tickets can only be purchased on the day, at the airport.


View Larger Map

In theory, taking the airport bus would be faster; Google Maps estimates the 175km journey would take 2 hours 14 minutes. However, there are certain realities on the ground that also need to be considered.

For example, buses travelling from Jakarta Airport to Bandung all use Jakarta’s inner-city toll road, so they can get stuck in the capital city’s infamous traffic jams on the way.

Furthermore, the toll road from Jakarta to Bandung often gets traffic jams on Friday nights, weekends, the afternoon/evening before public holidays, etc, mostly due to Jakartans travelling to Bandung.

Finally, Bandung also has its own traffic issues. Travelling from the bus terminus to your hotel might take a while, especially for Primajasa.

The airport bus operators have cleverly masked the issue by not advertising an estimated time of arrival in their schedules, only departure times.

Taking the train might make for a more relaxing journey, as long as the ride to Gambir Station is unaffected by traffic.

If arriving at Jakarta Airport on a weekday afternoon or the day before public holidays, it may be easier to take the train. At other times, the airport bus may be more suitable.

If you are interested in travelling by train between Jakarta and Bandung, please send an enquiry.

62 Comments on “Jakarta Airport to Bandung”

  1. Chris says:

    Interestingly, the train operator is now advertising its Bandung to Jakarta service as a way to avoid traffic:

  2. mochammad arief says:

    Minta info dan no ☎ bus prima jasa jurusan bandara soeta-bandung yaa, ditunggu lo sekarang

  3. Chris says:

    Please see Primajasa’s website for more information. The phone numbers are:

    Jakarta 021 5591 5555
    Bandung 022 8752 6886

  4. Wana says:

    Dec. 25, 2013 ETA Jakarta airport @1445, will make my way to Gambir by bus. Estimated time travel to Gambir considering x’mas holiday & what would be train schedule to Bandung in the evenings..thanks & appreciate yr advise

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Wana,

    Train Schedule from Jakarta to Bandung

    Including time to clear immigration and customs, you would arrive at approximately 17:00. You must check in at Gambir a minimum 30 minutes before departure, so the no risk option would be the 19:40 train. There is also a train at 18:05.

    If you would like a quote for train tickets, please fill in an enquiry form.

  6. khuzir says:

    saya ingin tahu samada station gambir dibuka 24 jam atau tidak kerana saya akan depature dari malaysia 21/11/2013 jam 20.20 hrs expecting arrive 21.20 hrs wib, dan akan menaiki train ke bandung jam 05.45 22/11/2013. kalau boleh saya tidak mahu menginap di mana2 sementara menunggu train. Seperkara lagi waktu pulang dari bandung ke jakarta pada 23/11/2013 saya bercadang menaiki bas direct ke airport, apa mungkin jalan akan sesak pada waktu malam?

    Translate from: Malay
    I want to know Samada Gambier station open 24 hours or not because I would depature from malaysia 11.21.2013 at 20.20 hrs 21.20 hrs am expecting arrive, and will climb the train to Bandung 11.22.2013 05.45. if I may not stay in mana2 mahu while waiting train. Seperkara again when you came home from Bandung to Jakarta on 23/11/2013 I bercadang up the bass direct to the airport, what roads may be congested at night time?

  7. Chris says:

    To my knowledge, Gambir Station is not open 24 hours because there are no trains departing or arriving between 22:00 and 05:00.

    According to its website, the Primajasa airport bus to Bandung is still operating when you arrive in Jakarta; I suggest you try to take this bus rather than spend the night somewhere near Gambir Station.

  8. Noraishah says:


    May I know if I can charter the whole bus for 28 passengers from Bandung to Jakarta. My big family is coming for a holiday to Bandung & Jakarta in a few month’s time.

    Thank you.

    Best regards

  9. Chris says:

    Hi Noraishah,

    I suggest you ask the bus companies – their contact details are on their websites; see the links above.

  10. Alf says:

    I am traveling to Jakarta on 17/1 and will reach around 1600hrs. If i need to head to airport from airport, will a train or mini van service be more advisable?

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Alf,

    You could take the last train to Bandung, which departs Gambir Station in Jakarta at 19:40. Or, you could travel by airport bus to Bandung.

    Being a Friday evening, traffic to Bandung on 17 January could be pretty bad with Jakartans heading away for the weekend, especially if it rains in the afternoon; I would recommend the train on this occasion.

  12. Vlad says:


    Who could advice me how to get from Jakarta airport on February 8, arrival 18:00 to Bandung?
    Thank you

  13. Chris says:

    Hi Vlad,

    You are arriving too late to take the train to Bandung.

    I recommend the Primajasa bus; it departs every 30 minutes. The details are above.

  14. Madzlina julahmad says:

    hi..adakah airport bus primajasa direct to bandung or to jakarta city?n brpa tambang bus to bandung from the airport?arrived around 8pm so its to late klu naik train kn?any suggestion..tqvm

  15. Chris says:

    Primajasa from Jakarta Airport to Bandung: yes, still running at 8pm

    DAMRI from Jakarta Airport to city: yes, still running at 8pm

    Yes, too late for the last train to Bandung, which leaves at 19:40.

  16. frannie says:

    If you coulf help me…ill be arriving in jakarta at aroung 12 or 1 in the morning…how do i get to in bandung?…

  17. Chris says:

    The first train from Jakarta to Bandung leaves Gambir Station at 05:45.

    The first airport bus leaves at 07:30.

  18. Connie says:

    Hi Chris,

    3 of us will be arriving Jakarta on 21/2/2014 @ 11am, what do you suggest we should take Bus or Train to Bandung? in Bandung we will be staying for 1 night at The Sayana Bed and Breakfast Address: 14 Buton Street, Van De Venter, Veteran.

    the next day we will be travelling back to Jakarta, should we take the Train? and we will be staying at Mangga Dua Area, is this area near to the train station?


  19. Chris says:

    Hi Connie,

    21 FEB: I recommend you take the airport bus. The first afternoon train to Bandung leaves at 15:55.

    22 FEB: I recommend you take the train. Here is the schedule.
    Mangga Dua is close to Gambir Station, only 5km:

    View Larger Map
    Hotels in the area include Novotel Mangga Dua and Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua.

    Please submit a train enquiry here.

  20. Hassan Rahman says:

    Im planning to go Bandung on 9 march 2014, what is the best way to reach bandung and which hotel to stay nearest to Pasar Baru shopping? If using bas is a good option, what time will the bas depart jakarta airport? TQ.

  21. Chris says:

    Hi Hassan,

    Please re-read Section 1 Schedule of the above post for the bus timetable.

    Hotels near Pasar Baru Trade Centre, Bandung

  22. syed says:

    does the Damri bus goes to the gambir train station from the airport

  23. Chris says:

    Yes, it does

  24. Mohsin Ambusaidi says:

    Departure from Abudhabi 02:40 Arriving soekarno Hatta Intl 13:55
    Then I need bus or trins to Bandung

  25. Chris says:

    Bus tickets can be bought on the day.

    If you are interested in travelling by train between Jakarta and Bandung, please send an enquiry.

  26. lesliekandy says:

    Dear Sir,
    I with my wife and son aged 14 come to CGK on 12 04 2014 morning. We want to go to Jogjakarta to see Borobudru. We have a flight from Joyg 15 04 2014. So can We go to Bandung and then to Jogy by train? Do We have time? How is the hotels in Bandung?
    and transport from there to Yogjakarta.

  27. Chris says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I suggest you travel to Yogyakarta only. It is 7-8 hours by train from Jakarta. If you visited Bandung also, you would spend more time travelling than visiting each city.

    Please see the timetable for trains between Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

    If you are interested in buying train tickets, please fill in this enquiry form

  28. Sophie Bahtiar says:

    We are going to Bandung on Sunday 27 July at 18.30 at Jakarta airport, we know that a day before Id fitr., is it possible to get a bus to Bandung that moment?

  29. Chris says:

    Officially, yes, airport buses between Jakarta and Bandung should be running.

    Practically speaking, the bus might be operating on a reduced schedule because staff want to be celebrating/eating.

  30. May says:

    27/9/14 Saturday 5.30pm reach Jakarta. what’s the best way to best western manga dua hotel and residence. next day, Sunday afternoon or evening to Bandung what type of transport u suggest. 30/9/14 Tuesday, Bandung to Jakarta airport 18.45 flight what ‘s transport suggest ?

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