Is the Sky falling?

Last updated: March 20, 2014
The Sky Is Falling

Sky Aviation ceases operations “temporarily”.

Only a short time after Merpati Airlines stopped flying to “restructure its debts”, another Indonesian airline is suffering financial stress.

Sky Aviation logoIndonesian regional airline Sky Aviation has announced it would cease all flight operations while it sought a cash injection from new investors. A date for Sky’s return to the sky is unconfirmed; the Department of Transport has only confirmed that Sky Aviation will probably be out of action until at least 31 March.

While there was a rumour of financial difficulties at Sky Aviation last month, usually an airline that is buying new aircraft and opening new routes isn’t doing badly. Then again, Indonesia seems to be an exception to this rule; in January 2011, Mandala Air ceased operations soon after commencing international flights; it did not return until 2013.

As the situation becomes clearer regarding refunds etc, Mau Ke Mana will contact affected clients, who are reminded to advise their emergency contact details.

3 Comments on “Is the Sky falling?”

  1. Chris says:

    The proposed date for Sky Aviation’s return – 31 March – has come and gone without any recommencement of flights or announcements if/when Sky would return.

    All that has happened is Sky has requested permission (and received it) to not fly until 30 April, by which time they say “due diligence” will be completed with two new investors. Source

  2. Chris says:

    Still no news from Sky Aviation.

    Meanwhile, the regulator will start offering Sky’s routes to other airlines. Source

  3. Chris says:

    Sky Aviation’s “temporary” stopping of operations is now until 31 May 2014. Source

    Still no news on refunds.

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