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Last updated: May 24, 2012
Lion Air logo with plane

Lion Air remains Indonesia’s most popular domestic airline, but not for Mau Ke Mana clients.

With its new aircraft, frequent departures and cheap fares, Lion Air has led the pack of Indonesian domestic airlines since 2008, and remained the most popular in 2011.

Indonesian Domestic Airline Passenger Numbers, 2011

Rank Airline Seats sold %
1 Lion Air logo 24 970 000 41.6%
2 Garuda Indonesia LogoCitilink logo 18 760 000 31.2%
3 Sriwijaya Air logo 7 380 000 13.2%
4 Batavia Air logo 6 750 000 11.3%
5 Merpati Airlines logo 2 180 000 3.6%
6 Wings Air logo 1 980 000 3.4%
Total 60 040 000 Up15.9%

Source: The Jakarta Post
Passenger numbers for other airlines – Air Asia, Express Air, TransNusa, Trigana Air, Kal-Star, etc – were not supplied, but it is safe to assume they were smaller than the figure for Wings Air.

However, Mau Ke Mana clients have different preferences:

Mau Ke Mana Clients’ Flights by Airline, 2011

Rank Airline % Rank Airline %
1 Merpati Airlines logo 26.0% 6 Sriwijaya Air logo 5.4%
2 Lion Air logo 23.4% 7 Citilink logo 2.4%
3 Wings Air logo 17.9% 8 Trigana Air 2.2%
4 Garuda Indonesia Logo 11.1% =9 air-asia-logo-small 1.1%
5 Batavia Air logo 8.8% =9 TransNusa logo 1.1%

Source: Flight Memory

Why the big difference?

One reason is that visitors to Indonesia have different travel preferences to residents. Also, Mau Ke Mana specialises in Indonesian domestic flights that can’t be purchased online; this is a problem for tourists more than locals.

Finally, Mau Ke Mana‘s clients travel more frequently to isolated/remote locations. These places have smaller airports and shorter runways, where only airlines with smaller aircraft (e.g. Merpati Airlines, Wings Air) can land. Some examples are:

Unique animals

Komodo Dragon Orangutan
Komodo Dragons
(Nearest airport: Labuan Bajo)
(Nearest airport: Pangkalan Bun)

World-leading dive sites

Diving Raja Ampat Bunaken
Raja Ampat
(Nearest airport: Sorong)
Bunaken Island
(Nearest airport: Manado)

Cultural centres

Tanah Toraja Borobudur
Tanah Toraja
(Nearest airport: Makassar)
Borobudur Temple
(Nearest airport: Yogyakarta)

Surfing meccas

Nias Island Surfing in Sumbawa
Nias Island
(Nearest airport: Gunung Sitoli)
(Nearest airport: Bima)

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One Comment on “Lion’s Share”

  1. Chris says:

    The results for 2012 are in, and Lion Air remains #1:

    1. Lion Air, 23.9 million passengers
    2. Garuda Indonesia, 14 million
    3. Sriwijaya Air, 8.1 million
    4. Batavia Air, 6 million
    5. Merpati Nusantara Airlines, 2.1 million


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