Last updated: January 15, 2013

American ISP blocks Mau Ke Mana’s emails.

When someone submits a flight or train enquiry to Mau Ke Mana, they will normally receive an automated response:

Dear [NAME],

This is an automated confirmation from Mau Ke Mana @ that we have received your [FLIGHT or TRAIN] booking enquiry, submitted here – [WEBSITE URL] on [DATE]. You will usually receive a response from Chris, the Reservations Manager, within two working days; however there are times when response times will be a little longer.

Please be sure to check your Junk/Spam email folder within the next few days, in case our reply is diverted there by your email provider; or add the address [MAU KE MANA EMAIL ADDRESS] to your safe/white list.

The last paragraph is there because sometimes a firewall or spam detector blocks Mau Ke Mana’s emails. This sometimes happens with Yahoo Mail.

However, the only one that always blocks MKM’s emails is the large American internet service provider, AOL. Looking at the delivery failure message, there is a link to this explanation:

The IP address has been blocked due to a spike in unfavorable e-mail statistics.

Mau Ke Mana has not been able to get its email address approved or unblocked by AOL, despite never sending spam or any other type of promotional material. It also disagrees that there has been a “spike”.

Mau Ke Mana's Sold Out AwardMau Ke Mana is keen to fix the problem because the United States of America is its biggest market. In real English, Mau Ke Mana sells more tickets to residents of the United States of America than any other country. (In recognition of this, the USA won Mau Ke Mana’s inaugural Sold Out Award earlier this year – right). This is particularly noteworthy considering the large distance separating the two countries and the absence of direct flights between them.

Despite other affected parties’ numerous complaints on blogs and rumours that AOL is working on a fix, the problem remains.

For now, Mau Ke Mana has an interim solution. Any clients with an email address will receive their quote from Mau Ke Mana’s new “Plan B” Gmail address. Just so there is no confusion, it explains this situation in the Gmail’s email signature. However, AOL users will still not receive the automated response.

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