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Last updated: May 25, 2012

A light-hearted celebration of 1000 flights by Mau Ke Mana clients.

Almost exactly two years after its launching, Mau Ke Mana (an Indonesian domestic flight reservation service for visitors) has booked tickets on 1000 flights.

So far, we have had clients from 47 countries, and been assisted by word of mouth recommendations in online discussion forums and travel magazines. You can read some past clients’ comments here.

We would like to acknowledge those who have helped Mau Ke Mana be successful with the inaugural Mau Ke Mana Awards. They are a light-hearted way to celebrate the best experiences over the last two years. The format is partly inspired by the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.

There are five categories:

The Sold Out Award | The Punching Above Their Weight Award | The Rolex Award
The Mailman Award | The Beat The Drum Award

The Sold Out Award

sold-outThis award goes to the countries whose citizens have made the most bookings with Mau Ke Mana.

And the winners are:




Olympic Medal Podium

Rounding out the Top 5 are Australia and the Netherlands.

The Punching Above Their Weight Award

Punching Above Their Weight cartoonIt could be argued that the previous award favours countries with larger populations, so here we acknowledge the countries which have made a large number of bookings relative to the small number of residents. This award goes to the countries with the most per capita sales, i.e. total sales divided by the country’s population.

And the winners are:



New Zealand

Olympic Medal Podium

Following close behind are: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Ireland.

The Rolex Award

Rolex WatchPassengers and travel agents appreciate an airline that is frequently on time. This award is giving to the most punctual airline. These days, people officially call this having a high OTP (on-time performance).

And the winners are:

air-asia-logo-small Garuda Indonesia Batavia Air logo

Olympic Medal Podium

The Mailman Award

Mailman USPSA flight cancellation is a hassle for both passengers and travel agents. This award is given to the airline with the fewest schedule changes/retimed flights and cancellations, i.e. like a mailman outside Indonesia it “always delivers”. It is judged by both Indonesian government statistics and our clients’ experiences.

And the winners are:

Garuda Indonesia air-asia-logo-small Wings Air logo

Olympic Medal Podium

The Beat The Drum Award

Beat The DrumMau Ke Mana does not advertise, so relies almost entirely on past clients’ recommendations to their friends. This award goes to the travel-related magazine or website (excluding search engines and our own testimonials page) which has given Mau Ke Mana the most referrals and recommendations.

And the winners are:

Flyertalk Logo Lonely Planet Thorntree Wanderlust Magazine

Olympic Medal Podium

We also give honourable mentions to: Angel Isle Resort, Borneo Tour, Mission Travel (Australia) and Victory Travel (Slovakia).

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