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Flight Status

Aug 26th, 2014
flight status delayed

Official flight status information is now available for some Indonesian airports.

Airline Hall of Shame

Jul 26th, 2014
shame on you

Name and shame Indonesian airlines who fail their passengers.

Nam Air

Jul 14th, 2014
Nam Air logo

Indonesia’s new regional airline, not Vietnam’s.

Beds Not Included

Jun 27th, 2014
No beds on night trains

Night trains in Indonesia don’t have sleepers/couchettes.

TransNusa Online Booking

Jun 13th, 2014
TransNusa Bird

TransNusa now offers online booking.

Airline Weight Loss

May 31st, 2014
Weight Scales

Lion Air, Wings Air and Citilink quietly reduce their checked baggage allowances.

Train Ticket Blackout: 21 July to 6 August 2014

May 3rd, 2014

The train operator pre-sells all peak season tickets, only at train stations.

New Train Timetable

Apr 16th, 2014
New schedule icon

The Indonesian train timetable is changing on 1 June 2014.

Transfer? Too Right! Rubles? Da!

Apr 10th, 2014
Australia & Russia

New payment options for Australian and Russian clients.

More Weekend Trains To Bandung

Mar 31st, 2014

Avoid traffic jams and take the train.

Is the Sky falling?

Mar 20th, 2014
The Sky Is Falling

Sky Aviation ceases operations “temporarily”.

Airport Closures After Mt Kelud Eruption

Feb 14th, 2014
Kal-Star plane under ash at Surabaya Airport

Volcanic ash spreads across Java, severely disrupting flight schedules.

New Terminal 2 at Surabaya Airport

Feb 14th, 2014
Juanda Terminal 2 Under Construction

Terminal 2 at Surabaya’s Juanda Airport opens today.

The end for Merpati?

Jan 29th, 2014
Sign: The End is Nigh

The signs are not good for Merpati Airlines.

Garuda Explore-ation

Jan 24th, 2014
Garuda Explore Jet Logo

A pictorial journey through Garuda Explore.

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