AirAsia Fees Revealed

Last updated: July 18, 2014
No Hidden Fees

The hidden fees AirAsia adds to its Indonesian flights explained.

Unlike Indonesian airline websites and most competitors, Mau Ke Mana always offers an all-inclusive quote to its clients.

Some budget airlines – e.g AirAsia – make this more difficult than others.

As information from AirAsia is hard to find and often difficult to decipher, here is a guide to all of AirAsia’a Indonesian flights’ fees and charges.

More Common
Checked Baggage | Seat Selection | Payment Processing Fees
Counter Check-In

Less Common
Travel Insurance | Food & Drinks | Sports Equipment | Red Carpet

Checked Baggage iconChecked Baggage
Passengers now have to buy a checked baggage allowance, possibly in a response to many stingy passengers bringing excessive/dangerous amounts of hand luggage. The default is 20kg; for domestic flights only, a cheaper 15kg baggage allowance is also available. Surprisingly, the fee is more for international flights than domestic, even though many domestic flights travel further than e.g. Jakarta to Singapore.

15kg Rp40 000 N/A
20kg Rp100 000 Rp160 000
25kg Rp120 000 Rp180 000
30kg Rp200 000 Rp335 000
40kg Rp350 000 Rp635 000

$US1 = Rp11 000

Whatever baggage allowance you choose, don’t pack more than you paid for; the excess baggage fee is an exorbitant Rp117 000 per kg.

Seat MapSeat Selection
Passengers travelling solo don’t have to select a seat; they will then be randomly allocated a seat near the back of the plane. Everybody else needs to select seats, to ensure they sit together.

There are four different prices, according to the location. The highest rate is for the rows with extra legroom: the front row and the exit rows. The next highest rate is for the next rows closest to the front, then the other rows in the front half of the plane, then the lowest rate is for those in the rear half of the plane. It is worth remembering that sometimes passengers can board the plane from the rear as well as the front.

1, 12 & 14 Rp120 000
2-5 Rp95 000
6-11 Rp30 000
15-31 Rp20 000

For international flights, seat selection fees vary according to the length of the flight. For example, seat selection fees for flights to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are similar to those for domestic flights. But for long-haul AirAsia X flights, the fees are significantly higher.

Credit Card MachinePayment Processing Fees
Mau Ke Mana uses the cheapest option: Rp10 000 per booking, for direct debit. This option is only available to those with an Indonesian bank account.

For credit card payment, the payment fee increases to Rp27 000 per ticket per flight. Therefore, it would be Rp54 000 for a return flight. This fee is identical for domestic/international flights.

Air Asia Counter Check In FeeCounter Check-In
Only AirAsia fines financially discourages its passengers from checking in at the airport. Passengers who check-in at the airport for domestic flights will incur a fee of Rp30 000 per person; international flights do not have this fee. Previously, online check-in was available as soon as the tickets were booked, now it is only possible up to 2 weeks in advance.

Currently, AirAsia is the only Indonesian domestic airline to allow online check-in by smartphone; customers receive a QR code which is scanned at the airport.

Travel Insurance LogoAdditional Travel Insurance
This starts at Rp19 000 per person and increases for longer flights and international flights. Passengers need to opt out to avoid this.

AirAsia Farah QuinnFood & Drinks
Officially, AirAsia passengers are officially not allowed to bring their own food/drink on board, but personal experience is that it is not enforced; liquids aren’t banned for domestic flights. Menu items can be ordered in advance or on board, some of which are endorsed by local celebrity chef Farah Quinn, a.k.a. the sexy chef.

Sports Equipment IconSports Equipment
Sports equipment is priced by weight, not per item or by type of item. Sports equipment cannot be included in the normal baggage allowance.

15kg Rp135 000 N/A
20kg Rp150 000 Rp185 000
25kg Rp180 000 Rp215 000
30kg Rp240 000 Rp275 000
40kg Rp390 000 Rp428 000

You can compare AirAsia’s fees for sports equipment to other airlines here.

AirAsia Red CarpetRed Carpet
This is like business class services: priority baggage, specal/dedicated check in counter, airport lounge access, etc. Red Carpet services and fees differ by airport, and in Indonesia Red Carpet is only available at Jakarta and Bali Airports.

Also, don’t forget airport tax; up to Rp40 000 per person for domestic flights and Rp150 000 for international.

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  1. Chris says:

    UPDATE – 13 DECEMBER 2013

    Click on image for full size

    AirAsia has now eliminated 10% tax and Rp5000 insurance from the quoted fare; previously, AirAsia promoted their:


    However, the final price is still available on the bottom right; but it still does not include AirAsia’s other fees, e.g. compulsory checked baggage fee, payment processing fee

  2. Chris says:

    AirAsia now includes a 15kg baggage allowance in the quoted fare for Indonesian domestic flights:

    But you need to ensure you are under 15kg, because the fee for being 1kg over is more than the cost of buying 20kg baggage allowance:

    Excess Baggage Charges (also applies to Excess Sports Equipment) per kg – Domestic: Rp117 000

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