Transfer? Too Right! Rubles? Da!

Last updated: April 10, 2014
Australia & Russia

New payment options for Australian and Russian clients.

Australian flag icon Australia

Mau Ke Mana sometimes receives complaints about how our fares are different to those offered on Indonesian airline websites. The biggest reason is Paypal’s fees and poor exchange rates.

Now, Australians can get a cheaper fare, by paying through bank transfer.

During a recent visit, David and Chris completed the paperwork to become an officially registered business in Australia. As a result, Mau Ke Mana now has a bank account in Australia too, at Bendigo Bank. Payment usually takes 1-2 working days to be processed.

Paying by bank transfer is also suitable for other travel agents and corporate clients whose accounting rules forbid the use of Paypal.

BPay Sample logoIn the future, Mau Ke Mana may also offer additional payment options to Australian clients, such as BPay and a local credit card merchant system.

Russian flag icon Russia / Россия

If you are travelling from Russia to Indonesia and would like to book a domestic flight or train, now you can pay in Rubles.

Paypal Rubles cartoon

Paypal recently added Russian Rubles to its list of accepted currencies.

Previously, Russian clients paid in US Dollars. However, paying in one’s “home” currency is cheaper because it avoids credit card fees for currency conversion.

You can read more in the Pricing & Payments section of our FAQ page.

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