Tweeting Stewardesses

Last updated: September 22, 2014
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Many Indonesian flight attendants have Twitter accounts.

The author regularly updates the Mau Ke Mana Twitter account, @maukemanaflight, with flight schedule changes, urgent messages and links to relevant travel information.

Who To Follow TwitterOne unexpected consequence of @maukemanaflight following the Twitter feeds of all Indonesian domestic airlines is that the recommendations for “Who To Follow” often contains a link to the Twitter account of an Indonesian stewardess.

In the past, this website has investigated why these ladies are all attractive and passengers’ propensity to attack them.

On this occasion, the author wonders whether Indonesian stewardesses being on Twitter is a good idea. Below are some areas of concern:

1. Are Indonesian stewardesses using their phones on board?

Stewardess Locker Violent Stewardess stewardess engine

The answer seems to be yes.

Do they not have anything better to do with their colleagues between flights? Are they just blowing off steam, or getting their creativity out after another mind-numbing day at the office, or something else?.

More worryingly, are they using their phones in flight, or only in “flight mode”?

2. Should airlines be concerned about some of the content their stewardesses are posting? Could airlines impose/request some form of quality control for staff identifying themselves as airline employees, or would it seem too draconian (like e.g. Virgin Atlantic) ?

3. Indonesia has cultural issues regarding women’s rights and there aren’t any laws to protect people from online scams, trolls, etc. Might stewardesses be followed by dodgy guys who “follow” them on Twitter? Is it a safety issue for female airline employees and their place of work, i.e. the planes? Does that make it a safety issue for the passengers too?

4. Is there any benefit of stewardesses being on Twitter? If yes, what?

Or is the author just an old fuddy-duddy who should take a deep breath, relax and….

Contributions, experiences, opinions, etc, welcome.

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