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Last updated: November 30, 2011
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In a surprise result, Citilink defeated larger competitors – Air Asia Indonesia, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya Air – to win the Indonesian Travel and Tourism Awards prize for Leading Low-Cost Airline 2011/2012.

Citilink management was unavailable for comment about their success, but their good-looking single female flight attendants were probably quite excited:

Citilink Flight Attendants Jumping Citilink Flight Attendant Screaming in Delight Citilink Flight Attendant Thumbs Up

What is so good about Citilink?

Citilink is a budget airline operated by Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda Indonesia. It is a similar set-up to Qantas and Jetstar; Garuda is a full-service airline for those who wish to travel in comfort, while Citilink is a no-frills airline for the budget-conscious.

Citilink shares a lot of the good stuff from its big brother:


Food and drinks available, not free - icon 20kg free checked baggage allowance iconBeing a budget airline, it is often significantly cheaper than Garuda, especially when booking a longer time in advance. Yet passengers still have a free 20kg checked baggage allowance, and no hidden/extra fees for seat-selection, fuel surcharge, etc. Food and drinks are available for sale on board; unlike Air Asia you do not need to pre-order it.

To compare Citilink with other Indonesian domestic airlines in more detail, please see here.

Citilink used to operate all its flights out of Surabaya, but later started several flights from Jakarta. Here is a current route map:

Citilink Indonesia Route Map
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The future for Citilink

Citilink recently started receiving new Airbus A320 planes. The Jakarta Post reports that in 2012 Citilink will use this larger fleet to:

  • – Fly its existing routes (see map above) more frequently.
  • – Commence flights between Jakarta and the following cities: Palembang (South Sumatra), Pekanbaru (Riau) and Yogyakarta (Central Java).
  • – Serve 4 million passengers, roughly double this year’s projected figure.

The future certainly seems more promising than for last year’s winner: the now-defunct Mandala Air.

How to fly with Citilink?

It is easy. Just fill in this enquiry form and select Citilink as your preferred airline.

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4 Comments on “Citilink Best Indonesian Budget Airline”

  1. obada says:

    interesting thanks for sharing

  2. Chris says:

    Citilink might suffer a drop in popularity (and some complaints from angry passengers) with a new policy of charging everybody for seat selection: Rp25 000 per person for online when booking, or Rp50 000 when checking in.

    Even budget airline AirAsia (the airline with the most fees added later) gives people the choice of selecting a seat – cost Rp20 000 – or being assigned one at random. Passengers travelling alone generally choose the latter option, while passengers with friends/family choose the former so they don’t get split up.

  3. Alvin-Jr says:

    “Citilink might suffer a drop in popularity (and some complaints from angry passengers)…”

    You think AirAsia and other LCC doesn’t have angry passengers?? Even I have lots of complaints about Singapore Airlines, and started to look other airlines for certain routes since 3 years ago. But apple to apple, I’m sure Citilink is still at top among LCC.

  4. Darma Gurusinga says:

    2 days ago i booked citi link PLG – BTH – PKU depart for 17th May 2014. Today got email from Citi link, departure from Palembang will change to 18.00 and that will miss connection from Batam to Pku. I called to citi link and explained. She said “yes, you will miss your connection, you must be fly on Sunday 18th. I said impossible cause my sister will fly from Plg to Pku cause attend family wedding on Sunday 1PM. She said i have no choice. I told her it’s happened to us 3 month ago from Pku – Plg connect in BTH. That ‘s time citi link Pku suggested we fly to Batam and connect the next day. But we decided refund at airport and got back our money and buy new ticket at the same day. And today I told her, Ok please do this way, we are ok fly from Plg at 18.00 and we will over night in Bth, we will find a plce to stay at hotel and will continue our Journey on Sunday morning flight , at least we can arrive in Pku around 11am and will not miss the wedding party. But she said “CANNOT DO THAT”. Must be fly on Sunday…
    What’s The F***!!!! This change not from our side, and we are willing to spend money for hotel in Bth as long as we can get in Pku Sunday lunch time. She was so rude and said “You can refund if you cannot”. I asked here how long we can get money? cause we were paid cash not credit card. Her yelled me and said “Wait until 60 days for refund”. OMG… How come Citi link hire this stupid and rude lady work for them>???? I said I want my money today or tomorrow and will get in PLG airport. She said cannot. I explained Pku airport did before, but she was so stubborn.. Dont ever dream citi link will become teh best budget airlines in Indonesia. I will report this case to al around the world and to Europe who was banned Garuda flew to Europe long time ago…

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