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Last updated: October 4, 2013
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There is no cheap and easy way.

Many people like to travel overland from Jakarta to Bali, with stops at Yogyakarta and Mt Bromo.

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Mt Bromo is the most well-known and widely-visited of Indonesia’s 129 active volcanoes, due to its relatively easy access and proximity to airports in Surabaya, Malang and Bali. There are also train services from Surabaya and Bali (Banyuwangi) to the nearest station: Probolinggo.

Unfortunately, travelling from Yogyakarta to Mt Bromo is more difficult.

The only direct train is an economy class service that – unlike business and executive class trains – cannot be booked in advance and arrives in Probolinggo too late to get a connecting bus to Mt Bromo. Bus services reportedly finish each day around 16:00.

The three trains from Yogyakarta to Malang are all overnight trains. As explained here, Indonesian trains don’t have beds/sleepers/couchettes. This route is therefore not recommended for light sleepers, especially the night before a 03:30 start for the Mt Bromo sunrise.

Also, the three trains that operate each day from Yogyakarta to Surabaya do not connect with a suitable train to Probolinggo that arrives early enough to get a connecting bus to Mt Bromo.

There is no cheap and easy way from Yogyakarta to Mt Bromo, so here are some suggestions to maximise comfort or minimise cost.


Cheap? NO Comfortable? YES

You can take the 06:00 flight to Surabaya on Wings Air or Xpress Air, then a taxi to the nearest train station (Sidoarjo – directions) where you can get the 09:00 train to Probolinggo, arriving at 10:58.

Yes, the early start sucks, but it is good practice for the 03:30 start the following morning.

A small variation would be to take the DAMRI airport bus to the nearby Surabaya’s Bungarasih Bus Terminal, then get a bus to Probolinggo. This would be cheaper overall for the solo traveller.

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Cheap? YES Comfortable? NO

Buses from Yogyakarta to Denpasar (Bali) will usually stop in Probolinggo, but check first.

The trip would be 10-11 hours and the Giwangan bus terminal is 5km from central Yogyakarta, so again it would be an early start to ensure you arrive in Probolinggo by mid-afternoon.

Bus tickets cannot be booked in advance.


Cheap? YES Comfortable? YES & NO

The most popular choice is to take the 07:25 train to Surabaya, then travel by bus or taxi to the Bungarasih bus terminal (near the airport) and get a bus to Probolinggo.

Please note that direct buses to Bungarasih rarely travel past Gubeng Station in Surabaya; if you are keen, you would exit the station from the west/left side of the train. Alternately, you can take a taxi a short distance to Jl Panglima Sudirman (Jl = Jalan, Street); there are more buses to Bungarasih – including air conditioned coaches – passing by here.

Taxis are available on the east/right side of the train; the most reliable are Bluebird taxis, waiting across the road from the car park.

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Cheap? NO Comfortable? YES

Many operators offer tours from Surabaya to Mt Bromo. These range from 12-hour overnight tours (starting at midnight from Surabaya, paying for just transport and park fees) to multi-day tours finishing in Bali with trips to Ijen Plateau and the famous turtle hatching area of Sukamade.

Prices for tours vary significantly according to the number of passengers, level of comfort and standard of hotel.

Mau Ke Mana books tours for clients with only trusted, reputable operators; there is no fee for clients who book train or flight tickets. A 50% deposit is often required when booking, with the balance paid in Rupiah cash during the tour.

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Whichever way you go, you are likely to enjoy reaching the final destination. Most people go at sunrise, but it is also possible to visit at sunset, or any other time of day. The active can also walk across the “Sea of Sand” to/from their hotel.

Please remember that Mt Bromo remains an active volcano; it last erupted in 2011. You can check the current status for Mt Bromo (and other volcanoes) here, at the bottom right; at the time of writing, Bromo was on Level 2 of 4. Trips to Mt Bromo should be postponed if the status is Level 3 or 4.

You can also check the weather forecast at the nearest town of Probolinggo here.

119 Comments on “Yogyakarta to Mt Bromo”

  1. Dinker says:


    My wife & I are planning to travel from Yogyakarta to Mt. Bromo. We can start from Yogyakarta on 26th afternoon. We are keen to do the sunrise trek up to Mt. Bromo possibly both viewpoints and also trek across the ‘sea of sand’.

    We will then leave for Singapore out of Surabaya airport. The date for that is flexible between 28 or 29th January.

    Your suggestion or even a tour option out of surabaya will be much appreciated. I could take a train from Yogya to Surabaya. Look forward to your suggestion

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Dinker,

    Here is my suggested trip plan:

    Take the 16:15 train to Surabaya. Stay one night at a hotel near the station.

    Take the 09:00 train to Probolinggo, then buses to your hotel near Mt Bromo.

    Do the sunrise tour to Bromo. Return to Probolinggo by bus. Take the bus to Surabaya’s Buangarasih terminal (near the airport) then the airport bus to Juanda.

    If your flight to Singapore departs before 3pm, better to fly on 29th. You can stay one night at e.g. the new Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel.

  3. Doan Tran Thanh Tam says:

    If i take the 22:00 train to Probolinggo, i’ll arrive Probolinggo at what time

  4. Chris says:


    Please note: in the middle of the night, there aren’t any buses or taxis to take you from the station to Mt Bromo or a hotel.

  5. Anna says:

    Hi, If I take the train from Yogya to Surabaya in the morning, at what time I will be on Surabaya? Is it possible to catch any bus to Probolingo? I would like to reach Camera Lawang, Is it Possible?

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Anna,

    The 07:25 train from Yogyakarta arrives in Surabaya at 12:04.

    You then need to take a bus or taxi to Bungarasih bus terminal, then any bus to Probolinggo (buses to Banyuwangi & Bali also stop here).

    At Probolinggo, you then walk a short distance to a smaller bus terminal with buses that will take you to Cemoro Lawang. It is recommended you ask for Cemoro Lawang before you board, to make sure it goes all the way; not also buses do. The correct way to say it is che-MOR-oh LAR-wung.

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks Chris, one more question: How long I will be going from Surabaya to Probolingo. Is it long distance? I mean, if is it possible to coatch some bus to Cemoro Lawang at this time?

  8. Chris says:

    As long as you arrive at Probolinggo by 4pm, you should be fine. If you are worried, take a taxi to Bungurasih Bus Terminal. Here is a Google Map from the station to Bungarasih bus terminal, with directions:

    And from Bungarasih bus terminal to Ngadisari (Cemoro Lawang is not marked) via Probolinggo:

  9. Giovi says:

    I will arrive at Surabaya airport at 17:15. Will I have any chance to reach Cemoro Lawang in the same evening? … in order to see Mt Bromo at the dawn of the day after?

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Giovi,

    You couldn’t travel to Cemoro Lawang by bus in the evening, because buses from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang stop operating around 4pm.

    Nicer hotels (e.g. Java Banana) offer airport transfers at Rp1 000 000 ($US90) one way.

    The night train from Surabaya departs at 22:00, arriving at Probolinggo about midnight. There might be enterprising individuals willing to drive you from the station to CL for a fee, but then you wouldn’t get any sleep.

  11. Giovi says:

    Thanks Chris!
    Only few questions:
    1. At what time does the bus start from Probolinggo to CL in the morning?
    2. How I can book an hotel in Probolinggo?
    3. Do the buses from CL to Probolinggo stop operating at 4 pm as well?
    4. Where I could find Surabaya – Probolinggo (and return) train timetable?
    I should travel this route around the 21th of August 2014.
    Many thanks for the further information!

  12. Chris says:

    1. Don’t know, but too late to see the sunrise at Mt Bromo.

    2. Probolinggo is 30km from Mt Bromo. To my knowledge, none of the local hotels in Probolinggo can be booked online, only the hotels near Mt Bromo.

    3. I suppose it depends on whether the buses stay overnight in Probolinggo or in Cemoro Lawang. It is probably P, so that suggests maybe later.

    4. Here
    It is 2 hours from Surabaya to Probolinggo by train.

  13. Mylène says:


    My friend and I will arrive in Surabaya with the last flight which means that we arrive at 11.50 pm at the airport.
    I am a little worried because you said that there is no taxi or bus at this time. Could you please confirm me this and tell me what are other possibilities for us like car rental with private driver? Do we have to stay for the night? Because ideally we would like to travel directly from Surabaya to Mt Bromo in order to see the sunrise there.

    Thank you very much


  14. Chris says:

    Bonjour Mylène,

    Just to clarify, I said there was no taxi or bus in the night in PROBOLINGGO, not from Surabaya Airport. There will be plenty of taxis at Surabaya Airport, but they can’t go to Probolinggo.

    If you want to go directly to Mt Bromo, you would need to book a private tour. It is a popular options to join a “midnight tour” (i.e. departing Surabaya at midnight) because it is cheaper when you don’t have to stay overnight at a hotel. It is about 3 hours drive in each direction, and you return to Surabaya around midday. We could arrange the tour driver/guide to pick you up from the airport, instead of e.g. a hotel.

    If you would like more information, please send an enquiry here. It’s the train enquiry form, but you can also use it to make a tour enquiry by adding a comment in the box titled “Anything you’d like to ask or specify?”.

  15. Stefano says:

    Hi All,
    i’ll be doing this tour in August !

    the idea is to join a tour from Yogya to Mt Bromo by bus – doing the Bromo visit the following morning (sunrise). Then we want to reach Bali Flying from Surabaya (this is meant to avoid a long way by bus again)

    Questions: do you think i can make it to catch the flight in Surabaya at 4pm ? (which means being there at least an hour earlier…) – how shoud i get there ?

    or maybe …would it be easier to get to Malang and then a flight Malang – Bali ?

    thank you

  16. Chris says:

    Hi Stefano,

    Yes, you could make a 4pm flight from Surabaya Airport. You would take the bus to Bungarasih Bus Terminal in Surabaya (3 hours from Probolinggo), then the DAMRI shuttle bus to the airport (20 minutes).

    There is only one flight from Malang to Bali, departing at 2:25pm.

  17. Stefano says:

    Hi Chris ,

    thanks for the prompt reply.

    from the map, Malang seems closer to Bromo area than Surabaya (so maybe better?!). Would the trasfer Bromo – Malang be quicker/easier than going to Surabaya? how should i do this ?

    thank you

  18. Chris says:

    Hi Stefano,

    Yes, Malang and its airport is closer to Mt Bromo than Surabaya.

    However, Malang (700 000 people) is a much smaller city than Surabaya (about 4 million people) and there are fewer transport options. Buses travel from Probolinggo to Surabaya almost all the time and there are four trains per day; there are fewer buses from Probolinggo to Malang and only one train.

    So, while the distance is smaller, the travel time would probably be longer.

  19. Mylène says:

    HI Chris

    Many thanks for the explanation.

    I am going to use your link right now.

  20. Kimberly says:

    Hi Chris,

    Me & my mom like to travel from Yogya to Mt. Bromo and from Bromo to Kalibaru. We’re thinking to take a flight from Yogya to Surabaya in the afternoon, sleep in Surabaya and get up early to see the sunrise at the mt. bromo.

    Do you know how long it will take fron Surabaya to go to the mt. bromo in the early morning? Can we take a operated tour or do you think we need to travel to Probolinggo first and take a tour from there?

    When we’ve been to mt. bromo and see the sunrise and all that beautiful there’s to see, we’d like to travel in the afternoon to kalibaru. Is there an easy connection?

    If you have any other tips to travel from yogya to mt. bromo without taking a bus or train which takes 10 hours, please let us know. Because the lack of time it’s the most important we leave yogya for example on monday and like to arrive tuesday morning to see the sunset at mt bromo and arrive in kalibaru in the afternoon.

    Many thanks in advance.

  21. Chris says:

    Dear Kimberly,

    You can get a midnight tour from Surabaya.

    Between flight and tour, maybe you can have a 6-hour mini-stay at Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport Hotel.

    To continue to Kalibaru, there is an executive class train departing Probolinggo at 11:06. If that’s too early, there is an economy class train at 15:40.

    All the relevant hints and tips are in the above post. For flights, Section 1. For trains, Sections 3 and 4.

  22. cindy says:

    Dear Chris

    been reading your threads…could i check with you if my itinerary is feasible and if you have any reliable tour agents that can assist with the yogyakarta and surabaya bits of travel.
    we are a group of 5…

    It would be great too if you could give an estimated travel package cost as i have done some enquiries and the amount varies quite a bit!

    YOGYA – BOROBUDUR – BROMO – IJEN -DROP OFF Surabaya Airport (international)

    Day 1: Upon arrival in Yogyakarta by flight afternoon, visit Prambanan Temple?
    Day 2: Borobodur sunrise tour, Pawon and Mendut. Then, YOGYAKARTA – MT.BROMO (by car / train) .
    Day 4:SEMPOL – PALTUDING-Ijen crater
    Day 5: Be at airport by 11am to catch flight home.


  23. Chris says:

    Hi Cindy,

    Day 1 – Good idea, Prambanan is near the airport.

    Day 2 – Seems a lot. People often underestimate travel times in Indonesia by car or bus.

    Day 3 4 5 – If you have a morning flight on Day 5, I would travel to Ijen first, then back to Bromo, then to airport from there. Alternately, you could choose one of Ijen and Bromo, and skip the other. I would recommend returning to Surabaya in the evening of Day 4.

    Tours to these places do exist, but if you must visit Bromo + Ijen they can’t get you back to Surabaya Airport until the early afternoon.

    Costs depend on how much comfort you like.

  24. Ranjini says:

    Hi Chris
    We have been hearing mixed reviews about Java overland tour operators, its our first time in Indonesia, for our honeymoon. The prices we have been quoted are EUR 500 and EUR 1000 for a 5 day trip of Yogya-Borobudur-Bromo-Ijen from two different tour operators..way off..
    Would you perhaps have an idea of an approximate tour cost ? Any information will surely be helpful.
    Thank you very much!
    Kindest regards

  25. Chris says:

    Hi Ranjini,

    Possible reasons why some tours are more expensive than others:

    1. You get what you pay for; nicer or cheaper hotels, tour bus, meals, etc. With early starts for e.g. Mt Bromo sunrise, you might appreciate some extra comfort. You might want to ask/check which hotels each tour operator is staying at.

    2. Some tours don’t include entry fees at e.g. Borobudur ($US20 per person), Mt Bromo (Rp217 500 for weekdays, Rp317 500 on weekends and public holidays) in the quoted price.

    Personally, I would do separate tours for:

    1. Yogyakarta + Borobudur
    2. Bromo + Ijen

    If you do the same tour with the one operator, the tour bus will return empty to Yogyakarta so the operator needs to pass on the cost of the petrol for the extra trip back.

    Between 1 & 2 you can take a train or flight from Yogyakarta to Surabaya.

    For #2, most trips depart from Surabaya, but some return to Surabaya while others continue to Bali.

    We book clients with reputable local tour operators, who clearly specify what is/isn’t included in the price. If you would like a quote, please fill in a train enquiry and specify you would like a tour quote in the box at the end.

  26. Michelle says:


    Could you please let me know if the following itinerary is feasible:

    Day 1) Arrive in Yogyakarta on Saturday at noon and visit Borobodur then catch the 16:50 business train to Surabaya

    Day 2) Go on a midnight tour to Mount Bromo on Sunday then continue to Mount Ijen

    Day 3) Visit Mount Ijen then continue to Bali

    Many thanks.

  27. Chris says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry to say, Day 1 is not feasible because Borobudur is 42km from Yogyakarta. You would only be there for 10 minutes before it would be time to go.

    Google Maps says it is a 48 minute drive, but that seems a little optimistic; it is better to allow 90 minutes with traffic, etc.

    It would be better to spend the afternoon/evening at Borobudur, rest up then start the journey to Mt Bromo the next morning with a 06:55 train to Surabaya.

    Your Day 2 would be ok as Day 3.

    Your Day 3 would be ok as Day 4.

  28. Eveline says:

    Hi Chris,

    On your website I can find two different departure times of the (executive & business class) train leaving from Yogyakarta in the morning to Surabaya: 06:55 a.m. and 07:25 a.m. Can you please let us know which is correct? Do you know where or how we can book a train ticket? We were told that it may be very busy in July because it will be the end of Ramadhan.

    Kind regards,

  29. paola says:




  30. Chris says:

    Dear Eveline,

    Sorry for any confusion.

    At the time of writing, the morning train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya left at 07:25. The schedule changed on 1 June 2014 and the train now leaves at 06:55.

    The first step to booking a train ticket is submitting an enquiry form.

    For most of July, it is trains TO Yogyakarta that will be heavily booked, not trains FROM Yogyakarta.

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