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Last updated: July 26, 2014
shame on you

Name and shame Indonesian airlines who fail their passengers.

In the past, Indonesian domestic airlines have earned a reputation for delays and last minute cancellations.

The Department of Civil Aviation has taken steps to encourage airlines to improve in this area. Since 2012, airlines must compensate their passengers Rp300 000 ($US27) each for any flight delay greater than 4 hours. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in improved on-time performance. Newspaper reports have shown airlines follow this rule.

double your refundPassengers are also legally entitled to receive a double refund when their flight is cancelled less than eight days in advance. This might seem a lot, but purchasing a ticket on another airline at the last minute is often significantly more expensive.

Unfortunately, this never happens.

On the rare occasion when a late cancellation occurs, attempts by the author to request a double refund have proven fruitless. Even when the author informs/reminds airline staff about this law with e.g. Indonesian newspaper articles about it, they insist that “company regulations” do not permit them to give anything more than a normal refund.

Admittedly, this isn’t the only law that isn’t rigorously enforced in Indonesia.

Don't Litter in Indonesia Litter in Indonesia

For example, the signs threatening fines and jail time for litterers always make the author chuckle.

However, it is easier to prosecute airlines. Evidence and witnesses of flights being cancelled at the last minute are easy to find; just ask all the irate passengers.

So, what to do?

Mau Ke Mana already helps its clients make an informed choice with a regularly updated airline reliability guide and the latest on-time performance scores. For the worst case scenario, we encourage our clients to provide emergency contact details or follow us on Twitter.

But from now on, Mau Ke Mana will also name and shame airlines who break the law and fail to provide the legally stipulated double-refund to their passengers… with an entry in the Mau Ke Mana Hall of Shame, below.

It is hoped that this will:

  1. Encourage greater vigilance by the Department of Civil Aviation
  2. Shame airlines to the right thing by their passengers
  3. Reduce the frequency of travel agents needing to pass on bad news to their clients, and incurring their clients’ wrath for circumstances beyond their control.

What is a Hall of Shame?

Pro_Football_HOF_Logo Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Some sports & cultural activities reward people for their lifetime achievement with their names being entered into a Hall of Fame.

Hall of Shame

Soon after, many people highlighted bad/illegal behaviour by companies or individuals; it was suggested they belong not in a Hall of Fame, but a Hall of Shame.

Members of the public are also encouraged to add their own experiences in this area, with a comment below.

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